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For Those Going Over To Houten Spring Exchange


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Organiser pigeon market

Johan Van Herck Herenthout

Dear visitor, sport friend:

As the organiser I would like to welcome you to our indoor pigeon market at the football ground. The question that you must dare to ask yourself is "For what reason am I making this trip?" and if the answer is "to buy good youngsters?" or "to strengthen my loft?" well then you are at the right place. This market is not just a pigeon market! The fanciers who come to sell youngsters here are only strong performing champions. They only offer strictly selected young birds, these are all brothers and sisters of their first round youngsters with which the sellers will perform at the competitions. The

participants I allow on my market are all fanciers who race and perform with the pigeons themselves. Those who only breed pigeons to sell and tell you stories about the best breeds and the biggest champions are selling on Lier market and sell pigeons that they have bred mainly for their beautiful colour. Most fanciers who sell here are not swayed with pedigrees that contain the best ace pigeons and biggest names. Often you just get the ring card with it, but realise all the more that the stock pigeons of the greatest champions are purchased from these fanciers, that’s a public secret!!

The proof has already been delivered several times, many top performances in England and Ireland have been delivered by Belgian youngsters that have been purchased at this market. You will see when entering the indoor market that some English enthusiasts are hurrying to be first with the particular enthusiasts, these smart guys experience the quality of the offered young birds every year. The price is determined by the vendors themselves but is normally around € 50 each. This is more than on Lier market, right! But when you compare the quality and the performance, you are astonished. Do not be fooled by the charlatans and choose quality, convince yourself and surprise friend, foe and maybe yourself. Your purchases will not disappoint you!


I hope you have enjoyable visit and make good purchases! See you soon

Yours in Sport

Johan Van Herck Belgium

Johan Van Herck Herenthout won

1é general champ middle distance club VMK 2017, 2018 and 2019

1é champ old birds club middle distance club VMK 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

1é champ yearlings birds club middle distance club VMK 2017, 2018 and 2019

1é acepigeon old birds club middle distance club VMK 2017

1é acepigeon yearlings birds club middle distance club VMK 2017, 2018 and 2019 5é general champ fed middle distance 2017

7é general champ fed middle distance 2018

13é general champ fed middle distance 2019

15 first prices in 2017

13 first prices in 2018

16 first prices in 2019

9 first prices in 2018 on middle distance in the club of 27 members

14 first prices in 2017 on middle distance in the club of 27 members

12 first prices in 2019 on middle distance in the club of 27 members

1é NRCC youngbirds 2017 raced by Roger Hallsworth.


Jos Heylen Herenthout

General champ Noyon Club

5e general champ Sprint Diamantverbond 2018

4e general champ Sprint Diamantverbond 2019

1é champ club Old Birds 1-2e get Quievrain

2018 and 2019

2é champ club Yearling Birds 1e get Noyon

2018 and 2019

1é acebirds club Old birds Quievrain 2018 and 2019

1é acebirds club yearling birds Quievrain 2018 and 2019

Jos hasn’t the big names on his loft but during the years he’s builds his own strain through hard selections. Many English fanciers won with his birds. Fair prices, good deals.

Every year he is competing with Lambrechts, Van Den Brande and the rest of the top of Diamantverbond.


Leon Witvrouwen Herenthout

1é champion old birds middle distance 2016

2é champion old birds middle distance 2017

2é champion yearlings birds middle distance 2018

2é champ old birds club Quievrain

1é acebird club old birds Noyon 2017

Leon Witvrouwen ( Wit = White and vrouwen = women ;-) has a small amount of pigeons, 12 pairs stock and 10 widowhoodcocks. Races sprint and middle distance with only a few birds, every year he’s within the

champions of the club and federation.

No system, just good pigeons!! Just for them who don’t have to spend the

time and lot of money.


Rudi Franck Herenthout

Rudi is starting up in Diamantverbond for second year after he moved house to Herenthout. Meanwhile he’s winning again just like former years in fed BAB close to Antwerp where he raced before. 6 x 1é club and 4 x 1é midweek games with a winning of 1é, 2é, 3é, 4é in one race.

He has following strain on his loft: Stan Lauwers (Borsbeek) Struyf Marina (Viersel) Peter Van Oerle (Sint-Job) Herman Bevers (Sint-Job), Rudi Van Reeth Herenthout.

Kurt Raets Wiekevorst

They won in 2019

1é provincial Argenton

5é Zone B2 Bourges I

4é Champ old birds middle distance 2019 fed Regio Mechelen.

Former years raced under the name “HOK RAETS “

Kurt is a hard working lad who dares to invest in big names. Meanwhile in stock he has:

Peeters – Van Crombruggen Dirk Van Dijck

Herbots Kobe en Kato Lambrechts Stefaan Lambrechts Geert

Van Den Brande Gebroeders Derwa Albert

Verhestraeten Sylvain

1é acepigeon old birds club middle distance club VMK 2019


Paul Wijns Herenthout

National Champion youngsters KBDB 2014

In 2013 swap breeding done with Johan van Herck (Herenthout), these species are mainly Stickers- Donckers (Lille) and Laenen (Pitbull and Kittels). These are very well managed especially at speed.

2e general champ Sprint youngbirds Diamantverbond 2017

1é champ club young Birds 1-2e get Quievrain 2017 and 2018

3é provincial acebird middle distance KBDB 2017


1é Champ youngbirds middel distance 2019 Fed Regio Mechelen.

1é and 4é acebird youngbirds middel distance 2019 Fed Regio Mechelen.

3é champ youngbirds Regio Mechelen.

3é Champ youngbirds Noyon 2019 Fed

Kerkhofs- Luyten Herenthout

A combination with birds of Stevens-Luyten and Rudi Van Reeth racing for the third year and winning 3 x 1é and 1 x 1é midweek race in 2019.

They win:

2é champion sprint Club 2019

12é Champion Fed Diamantverbond sprint 2019 4é Acebird Round of Belgium 2019


Joran Gabriels Herenthout

New very young fancier ( 18 years old) in “Diamantverbondâ€, installed by the great Gaston Van De Wouwer ( Berlaar). Meanwhile the loft is strengthens with Jos and Jules Engels, Johan De Belser, Roger and Nick Thys.... Only the best strain of these big names on his loft. He’s bringing ybs from directs to the indoor market.

They’re allready winning in Northern Ireland in 2019, smart lads!!

Ronny Antoni Herenthout

1é provincial champ youngbirds distance 2014

1é champ youngbirds distance Antwerpse fondclub 2014

The 'Blue' B09-6294823 winner 1 ° Nat La Souterraine old birds The brand new national winner 2018

Father: 'Blauw Anthoni' B06-6307042 ... top breeder from Ronny Anthoni, who is already father of the 'Bom' (superior 1° prize winner) and the '367/08' (1301 ° Nat Bourges 41.783 p., 624 ° Nat Argenton 25,583 p., 1787 ° Nat. La Souterraine 21,258 p.). He himself comes from the 'Souterraine 120/01' (1 ° La Souterraine 174 p., 1 ° Union 502 p and 5 ° Pro 2.509 p. 1 ° Montluçon 176 p and 3 ° Prov 1.925 p.) X 'Daughter Ace Pigeon 090/04 '(daughter of the' Ace pigeon Union Antwerp ').


Winner 2018 “ Who dares Wins†was bought by John Wheatcroft on this market from Ronny Antony. Only birds that arrives on the day after 11hrs and 51 min.

Staf Smets Herenthout

Staf raced a few years in partnership with Jos Van Elst, they split without fighting. They’ve still rather the same strain.

In recent years pigeons have been hired by Hagens, Jan Polder (NL, Middelharnis), AP Overwater (NL Strijen), Saarloos (Klaaswaal, NL), Homma (NL), Anton Tuns (NL), Hugo Batenburg- vd Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL), Beullens (Heverlee), one from Etienne Devos (Deerlijk) and van Dobbelaere (Marke). As you can see, they are mainly long distance pigeons from Dutch fanciers. '95% of our pigeons come from the Netherlands'

He’s bringing ybs to races and latebred for stock to the market.


Jos Van Elst Herenthout

In recent years pigeons have been hired by Hagens, Jan Polder (NL, Middelharnis), AP Overwater (NL Strijen), Saarloos (Klaaswaal, NL), Homma (NL), Anton Tuns (NL), Hugo Batenburg-vd Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL), Beullens (Heverlee), one from Etienne Devos (Deerlijk) and van Dobbelaere (Marke). As you can see, they are mainly long distance pigeons from Dutch fanciers. '95% of our pigeons come from the Netherlands'

He’s bringing ybs to races and latebred for stock to the market.

Jos raced a few years in partnership with Staf Smets, they split without fighting. They’ve still rather the same strain.

Walter Van Hove Bouwel

Walter is a breeder with good results in England and Germany. He’s got mainly Leo Heremans and Marina Van De Velde in stock.


Willy Claes Duffel

Willy wins in 2018:

16 first prices club and fed on the sprint.

Federation Pallieterverbond General champion yearlings

Club Hombeek Waarloos Duffel Heffen:

General champion Quiévrain General champion Noyon General champion sprint

Pallieterverbond Katelijne

General champion QuiévrainGeneral champion Noyon General champion Quiévrain + Noyon

4 acebirds in 2018:

1é ace Old birds Pallieterverbond Noyon

1é ace Young birds Quiévrain in Hombeek Waarloos Duffel Heffen 1é ace Yearlings Noyon in Hombeek Waarloos Duffel Heffen

1é ace Old birds Hombeek Waarloos Duffel Heffen


Eddy Belmans Nijlen

1é acepigeon youngbirds tienverbond all races

2é acepigeon youngbirds tienverbond 6 prices

11é prov acebird 2018

1é champion youngbirds Quievrain Tienverbond 2018

6é champion youngbirds Noyon Tienverbond 2019

3é champion youngbirds Quievrain Langs de Netekant 2019

You can’t find a simpeler way to race pigeons than at Eddy’s place. Open lofts with avaries whole winter and summer, birds training every day, winter and summer, no bollocks!! He has his own line of birds build up from Aerts Bros Bevel, Van Den Bulcks, Keirsmaeckers Nijlen...

He defeats the biggest names of Tienverbond with hard selection, no specific difficult system and good birds. Every year he’s selling on the indoor market for cheap prices stunning ybs.


Walter De Meyer Nijlen

Very consistant flyer on the middle distance. He’s brother of the famous Sprintracer “De Meyer and son†of Kessel. Walter wins 1é national chateouroux in 2014 and wins several 1é prices every year in the highschool of pigeonracing “Union Antwerpen†competing Dirk Van Dijck, Andre Roodthooft, Danny Van Dijck, Rudy Diels, Willy Daniels....

Louis Matheus Baal


1é national Bourges yearlings.

1é national Bourges old birds 2014.

“Lodde†is a specialist with hens on the widowhood. He starts

Louis Mattheus performs well on the sprint and middle distance.

of the new season with a team of 12 hens and 120 youngsters. With old / yearling old cocks is not played.


Roger de Rijck Nijlen


Roger De Rijck wins:

1é champ yearlings 2017 and 2018

1é acepigeon yearlings 2017

1é champ ybs 2017 and 2018

1é acepigeon ybs 2017 and 2018 2é general champ club. 2017

2é Acepigeon youngbirds HAFO REGIO MECHELEN (6 clubs) 2017

5é general champ HAFO REGIO MECHELEN (6 clubs) 2017

4é Acepigeon youngbirds HAFO REGIO MECHELEN (6 clubs) 2017

4é general champ HAFO REGIO MECHELEN (6 clubs) 2017

Regarding the stock building - started with the good strain of father and brother Denis + reinforcement of my brother Jos - All Charles Schellens (was last 10 years permanent loft companion at uncle Karel)

Also very successful with in 1996 Marien-Royberghs -Berlaar and also a fantastic breeding hen at Jef Luc and Nadia Houben -Itegem. I also succeeded with the input of pigeons from my friend and neighbor Van Leest Peeters

In 2007 Gebr. Janssen Duiven introduced via the Dutchman Piet Manders and immediately succeeded That a hen (Irene) with 4 years 55 Pr - Also mother of 1é Ace pigeon Niels Also bred properly from pigeons from Herbots Gebr.


Eric Weynants-Blommaerts Wilrijk ( Antwerpen)

More than 20 years within champions on Noyon in different federations Antwerpen –Zuid

> Good references ; breeder of many ace birds and first price winners in and out of the country.

Results with my ringnumbers in Holland ; in 2016 Melun > 1/4208, Nanteuil > 1/3767,Quievrain >2/2158, Pt St Maxence >1/ 2085, Duffel > 1/1036...

Strain and basepigeons ; Albert Marcelis line ‘oude Sprint’, L&B

Geerinckx, Heremans Ceusters and Ferdinand Marien , (> via De Ridder & zoon) > sprintpigeons of Natural breedingstation , Van camp Julien, Wilrijk.


Johan Govaerts Olmen

Breedingcock German fancier Franz Fischer, bred by Johan Govaerts


1é acepigeon KBDB ybs 2017 beats Dirk Van Den Bulck and Stefan Lambrechts.

1é acepigeon raced under his brothers’s namen Tony.

2018 : 7ste Provincial champion short distance + 21° National champion young birds + 8 times 1 prize = 5 times short distance , 2 times 500 km ,1 on Pau 900 km .

Also 8° place in final score golden pigeons league from sports magazine the pigeon ( de Duif ) . won with 1 time 4th place + 1time a 5th place

Also first prizes and good results in U.K, Poland , Germany, the Netherlands and of course in Belgium.


Danny Maris Itegem

New fancier in “Diamantverbondâ€, installed by uncle Roger Maris ( Berlaar) and their friends Van Den Brande Bros (Berlaar) Johan De Belser and Gert Heylen ( Berlaar). Only the best sprintbirds on his loft. He is racing his second year and allready within the champions of “Regio Mechelen†and “Diamantverbondâ€. Good strain dont’t lie, here’s the result.

1é acepigeon old birds 2019 Diamantverbond 4é acepigeon yearlings 2019 Diamantverbond 3é champion old birds 2019 Diamantverbond 1é champion yearlings 2019 Regio Mechelen

7é champion old birds 2019 Regio Mechelen 8é champion overall 2019 Regio Mechelen

Wilfried Heylen Itegem

New fancier in “Diamantverbond†since 2016, installed by Cousin Gert Heylen en neighbourgh Alfons Budts Itegem), Roger and Nick Thys gave him eggs as a starters kit. Accompaining by Johan De Belser and Gert Heylen (Berlaar), he races with them birds on 300 to 600 km. He is racing his fourth year and allready within the champions of “Regio Mechelen†and “Houtvense Fondclubâ€.


Marcel Ceulemans Berlaar

Small loft with big names in the pen competing the bigger names in Diamantverbond. Marcel is racing with Stefan Lambrechts’ offspring true eggs he bought. Uses them on the sprint and doing very well with them. Some English fanciers raced them already and they know how good they are!! Be ready to discover these crackers.

Willy Ceulemans Itegem

Willy is cousin of Raymond Ceulemans and races in “Diamantverbondâ€. Small loft with best strain of sprinters, his best friends are them best sprinters of his league.


Swa Langmans Tongerlo

Swa is a good lad who is close friend with Marcel Wouter ( “De Leeuw†, “Den Adâ€....) He has them children of these big winners in his stock; He also has the Ronald Janssen, Van Den Brande Bros and Laenen for sprint. Another section is filled with long distance strain from Holland.

What his pigeons have achieved in other lofts is of a completely different level. They did not succeed once with his pigeons, not twice ... but

with great regularity. Almost every year there are some outliers between the bons he donates. Occasionally even a super pigeon. Perhaps this is the reason that you find the Swa here among all those provincial toppers. In 2018, Karel Franssen from Oostmalle surpassed himself with a super hen that made it into 2nd provincial ace pigeon in the long Middle Distance. This hen with ring number 6252063/2017 was bred by "de LANGMANS".


Van Den Sande - Laenen Heultje

Small loft filled up with only Stickers-Donckers pigeons. Sprintloft who wins against names like Schellens, Thys, Van Bel.... https://www.pitts.be/nl-BE/artikels-72/j-van-de-sande-m- laenen-heultje-seizoensoverzicht-2018-13322/

1ste Asduif jaarse duiven Quievrain 2018 in het

samenspel Nieuw Kempisch Verbond.

De Winter Kevin O.L.V. Waver

A loft who’s racing in Hombeek-Waarloos-Duffel on the sprint with only Sticker-

Donckers birds. They’re winning on Quievrain and Noyon.

Convince yourself!!

https://www.pitts.be/nl-BE/resultaten-57/quievrain-01-09-19-hombeek-waarloos-duffel- jonge-332-18349/

https://www.pitts.be/nl-BE/Resultaten-57/quievrain-21-07-19-hombeek-waarloos-duffel- oude-83-jaarse-41-jonge-635-16874/


Peeters Fabienne Betekom

https://www.pipa.be/newsandarticles/reports/peeters-fabienne-betekom-be-1ste- nationaal-kampioen-jonge-duiven-halve-fond-

1e Nationaal kampioen jonge duiven op de nationale vluchten KBDB in 2009

1e Provinciaal asduif kleine halve fond jaarlingen KBDB Vlaams-Brabant in 2016


1e Algemeen kampioen Soissons “Verbroedering Betekomâ€

1e kampioen Momignies jaarlingen “Verbroedering Betekomâ€

1e kampioen Soissons oude duiven “Verbroedering Betekomâ€


1e Algemeen kampioen Soissons “Verbroedering Betekomâ€

1e kampioen Soissons oude duiven “Verbroedering Betekomâ€

1e kampioen Soissons jaarlingen “Verbroedering Betekomâ€

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=2ahUKEwj4 6pezv6nnAhVKPFAKHZyBBvoQFjABegQIAxAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook. com%2FFabiennePeetersPigeonLoft%2F&usg=AOvVaw3tlDMrYDk2qzdCd4MfpRq3



Johan Van Herck Herenthout

Jos Heylen Herenthout

Leon Witvrouwen Herenthout

Paul Wijns Herenthout

Kerkhof-Luyten Herenthout

Joran Gabriels Herenthout

Rudi Franck Herenthout

Ronni Antoni Herenthout

Staf Smets Herenthout

Jos Van Elst Herenthout

Walter Van hove Bouwel

Kurt Raets Wiekevorst

Eddy Belmans Nijlen

Walter De Meyer Nijlen

Roger De Ryck Nijlen

Eric Weynants-Blommaerts Wilrijk Sprint

Louis Matheus Baal Sprint – Middle Distance

Johan Goyvaerts Olmen

Danny Maris Itegem

Wilfried Heylen Itegem

Willy Ceulemans Itegem

Marcel Ceulemans Berlaar

Willy Claes Duffel

Kevin De Winter OLV Waver

Jef Van De Sande Heultje

Saw Langmans Tongerlo

Fabienne Peeters Betekom

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have seen some of the best lofts come down with sickness due to introducing birds from Foreign lofts I have seen some top lots in Ireland go backward due to bringing in foreign birds ? I am not advocating not to go there are some great birds but you must be careful to quarantine any new birds best of luck to the buyers peter

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Peter see why you should worry about problems with introductions to any loft but have you noticed that some of your older club members with lofts isolated out on their own and they manage to get one eyed cold worms and young bird sickness even though no one visits their lofts and they have not added any birds to their lofts in years.

So I do advocate treatment of any birds before letting them join the flock but find the bin is the best place for anything that worries me .

I do and have added to my young birds every year for quite some years now for varied sources and find the best cure for any problems is the bin and next the burning torch wiped across floor and perches .

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