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  1. Yeah I know that, but this is something that I am going to do. ;D Some professional built lofts, like the petron lofts, have built in heaters
  2. Hi Mate, if you have a decent loft, all you will need really is some perches which you can buy very cheap, from http://www.kingstownkennels.co.uk/pigacc/pigeon_accessories.htm And as for the winter, as long as the loft is damp and weather proof, they should be OK. What I am going to do, is when I get my new loft built, I am going to buy a low wattage & cost, panel heater, and place that in the middle of the loft for the cold winter nights. But if you are going to do this! for SAFETY REASONS! make sure you get it done by a profession electrican, or someone in that field!.
  3. Jeremy I am intrested in the mealy looking one at the back and the white pigeon in front, with grey and his back. Steve
  4. Hi Jeremy, have you still got the white mealy looking pigeon, the one in the middle of this pic? Thanks Steve. ;D
  5. He or She could be! well you know!! AC/DC!! then again, I use to have a cock & hen paired up, and when the cock had his way with her, and jumped off, as they do! she would then jump on top of him, and have her turn!?!?! now that really dose confuse and burn my head out to this day!?!? lol. ;D Speedy Ste
  6. Hi Jim, are the clocks in decent condition? Steve.
  7. Hi Craig, thanks mate I take a look
  8. Hi all, Does anybody have a cheap STB Clock for sale? Steve.
  9. Hi Jeremy, nothing defo yet, but do you have a pure white racing hen at all? Thanks Mate Steve.
  10. Hi Big Blue, if antwerp does not take her, I would be interested in her, as I am looking for a white hen! Thanks Steve.
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