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  1. He did have a couple of eagle Owls, in one of his aviaries. I will get some more pics, when I go down there next Steve ;D
  2. Did u all know that if your eggs get damaged in the nest, i.e. cracked, you can repair the eggs with a special silicone based substance? I never knew that until I went to see the guy, whom is breeing my barn owl for me! He had a couple of damaged barn owl eggs in his incubator, with he had repaired with this silicone stuff. The chicks are alive and kicking inside the eggs, as he took me into a dark room, and placed the eggs against a touch, and you could see all the veins, and you could actually see the chick moving around inside the egg!! You learn something new everyday!! Steve
  3. That I am not too sure on westy? I think he is about a year and a half to 2 years old mate. ;D Steve
  4. ;D Yeah they are lovely birds Steve
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    Hi All

    Hi all, just thought I would say hello, to u all, since I recently packed up the sport, due to my health. I am in the middle of converting the loft at the moment, as I am converting, it in to an Aviary. I am planning to get a couple of Owls in the next few weeks ;D both will be imprinted ( Hand Reared ) from eggs. I went to see the breeder, whom is breeding one of the owls for me, and he showed me around his aviaries, which where amazon, he had everything from owls to falcons, and he also had a big golden eagle. The owl I am getting from him is a Barn Owl. I took one of his barn owls out to fly. I have attached a pic of him, for you all to have a gander at Best wishes to u all Steve. ;D
  6. He could pick up a real, live eagle owl for around £150
  7. Pisses you off when that happens! > I am suprised they did not come home with them only being 11 weeks old. I had three white logans myself, one which I hand reared from a baba, the other two where parent reared, and I let them out within the first two days of getting them. I let them out late afternoon, and my hand reared logan was the leader, with her being older. The 1st time I let them out, they just flew around close to the house, but then it started to get dark, and my hand reared one was still in sight, but the other two where no where to be seen! She flew around as if she was looking for them, but then she came down to me. I really thought that was the last time I was going to see them again! but the following morning, one of the logans was on the back shed at the back of my house, looking rather hungry which was a nice suprise, and the other one was flying very high up in the sky. I let my hand reared one out, to get the high flying logan back down ( Which she did) and she! along with the one on the shed!. Never had a prob with them after that. Hope you get the bids back mate. Regards Steve.
  8. Thanks Jimmy mate, it's just so frustrating with all the time and money I have spent, in getting set up etc, then after a few months of being in the sport, and just getting ready for this season, my chest started to play up, and then am told I will have to pack them in :'( > The loft cost me a fortune. I suppose I will have to make do with a couple of Owls am thinking of buying. Hopfully I don't get the same probs with the Owls, as I have done with the Pigeons!! Just have to see how it go's when there are ready I will keep everyone informed, and I will post some pic's of them, when I get them ;D Regards Steve. now
  9. Yeah thats true I have to jack them tho as the crap in the loft, was getting on my chest, when it came to cleaning the loft out!. Doc say's it might be something to do with the droppings etc. I started getting chesty when cleaning the loft out even when I wore a mask! The doc said it was best to pack them in, as my chest will only get worse! I could keep them, but I could only keep a couple, in a rabbit sized hutch! as this would min the cleaning out etc, but I don't see the point, because if you gonna race birds, then you gonna need a team of birds, i.e a loft full ;D to make it worth while. I suppose I have to make do with the banter on here, and putting up with you lot!! lol Thanks again everybody. Regards Steve
  10. Thank you everybody for your kind reply's Yeah I will stay active on Pigeon Basics, and keep intouch with you all Regards Steve.
  11. Hi all, just want to say goodbye to everybody on Pigeon Basics, as I am living the sport due to health reasons. :'( It's been a lot a fun and a great honor to be on this site, and I am gutted that I have to pack them in, during my short period in this sport, which I will sadly miss! A big thank you to everybody who has helped me out, with my questions etc. Good luck and best wishes to you all ;D All the best Steve.
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    Let's all course murder in 2007!!!! ;) :P :D !!!! ONLY JOKING !!!! ;D All the best for 2007, everybody :) ;D Steve :K)
  13. Thank you everyone, for all your help. ;D Steve
  14. Hi Gangster, the only thing I know about it, is that it is a Junior Pigeonclock for 12 birds (without flaps!) Thats the only info on this guy's listing. Can anyone tell me what the flaps are? I've not long started up in the sport, so I don't know alot about clocks etc, so I bought this one for when I start racing this coming season. I bidded on it, and won it for 8.55 + 20 pound Shipping ;D So hopfully, I got a bargain!! Thank you to everyone for all your help. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Steve.
  15. I hope it works!! I just won it of eBay, for £10 + £20 shipping. It's coming over from Belgium.
  16. Hi Tony, I did get this clock from Belgium, and I just want to find out if I can buy the rolls etc, from over here? I only paid £30 for the clock Steve
  17. Does anybody know if this clock is still in service? If so where can you get the paper etc for it? Thanks Steve
  18. Hi all Cheq Pied Hen GB06 Z53449. If found please PM me, or jnr j. Thank You.
  19. I've just got a normal 35W, strip light in my loft Birds same happy when it's on. Steve.
  20. Might be able to get hold of some gold rings if you want. lol ;D
  21. Who rattled your cage, pip squeak! Go and tidy your room like a good little boy.
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