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  1. I started keeping Pigeons when I was 9 years old. I can remember my first pair of Racing Pigeons, they where two brothers one was a reddin and the other was a cheq, and I loved the bones of them. I use to race home from school and spend all my time with them both where 1988 birds, with green rings on. They where kindly bred for me, by a fancier, called Colin. Sadly I lost both of them :'( I think they where stolen from me. I did not start keeping them again till I was 13, then I had a two year break, then I started again for about 6 months when I was 15, then I stopped all together. Between all the time I kept them, I never did race them, they where more pets then anything. I am now 27, and I have just started again, but this time I am starting the sport proper, and I am going to start racing next season. I just had a 12x6 shed built, and I had to convert it into a loft. Cost me a fortune!! from start to finish. Oh well I suppose it will be all worth it, when I get them up and running. Steve. ;D
  2. Take it every1 has no more to say!!! :D
  3. I just want to know where I can buy a nice big cheap bag of wood shavings, to fill a 12x6 loft, and will last me a while! The prices of the stuff in the pet shops etc, is day light robbery you can only use it once. They want over £3 for a small bag, big enough to fill a small rabbit hutch! one bag would only fill half, of a four foot section of my loft, so it would cost me about £18 a week to fill my loft! There must be somewhere, you can buy a big bin bag full of the stuff, for at least a a couple of quid.
  4. What have I kicked off here!!!!! :D
  5. I don't have a clue why there is two threads!?!? I only posted one!?!? ??) ??) ??) :D
  6. Thank You, I will try a local sawmill. All the pet shops around here, want silly money for a little bag of the stuff!!!.
  7. Anybody know where you can buy Wood Shaving & Sawdust Cheap? Steve
  8. Anybody know where you can buy Wood Shaving & Sawdust Cheap? Steve
  9. Well hitting them with a hammer, seemed to do the job! There are all up, and in correct working order. So hitting them with the hammer incident, solved the problems I had with them!! lol
  10. You would need to take them apart, if you miss one of the bars out, like I did the other day!!! They are murder to build up. Steve ;D
  11. LOL tell me about it!!! I did manage to put them together in the end, it was time consuming thought. The instructions where sh** too! Steve.
  12. Hi Mark, join the club!!! I work nights as well! What do you do? Steve ;D
  13. Has anyone had any trouble trying to put a plastic sputnik together? I put three of them together yesterday, and I found them quite hard to put together, as the metal bars did not fit right to the plastic sides, I had to hit them with a hammer, to fit proper. They are also very easy to break! >
  14. A good kick up the shitter, should get rid of them!!! Thats if you can catch the little F****** ;D
  15. Hi, can you upload a pic of it?
  16. If it was legal, I would wipe them out! Don't get me wrong, I am against cruelty against animals etc, but for them, I would make exceptation! > *expletive removed*! > Sorry about that, I flipped!! I've calm down now
  17. I let my young birds out today, and I have alot of crows around where I live. One of my babies was on my roof, and this big *expletive removed* of a crow, run at her, and went to attack her! with this she flew down to me as it scared the crap out of her! I pick up a reasonably size pebble, and landed the *expletive removed* one, right on it's nuggin! lol For some reason! The big bullying *expletive removed*, flew off straight after in a state of shock!! tell you what, some shot that was, should have seen him dust!! teach the little *expletive removed* a lesson! lol. Does anybody have this problem with crows? Steve
  18. I better watch out then! we have got loads of squirels around here. In fact, I seen one on the back fence, the week before last. Suppose I will have to give it the same treatment, I give the dog! Thats if he's feeling lucky ;D
  19. I had something like this egg snatching thing happen to me, a few years back. The eggs where going missing from the nest, and I would find the shells in little bits outside the loft. It turned out to be my dog, who was nicking and eating my eggs, as I cought him red handed at it! > The dog in question, got a good kick up the shitter for it, and for some reason, he never did it again!! ;D Steve.
  20. I did not know you could get a yellow pigeon!! lol
  21. I've just hand reared one of my baby logans from a couple of weeks old! She is now 8 weeks old and doing really well! I just sat her on my lap with and old sheet over my lap, and just open her beak and give her small bits of corn, and I did this, till her crop felt full. As for drinking I give her full fat milk mixed with tap water, in a dish, and placed her beak in it, and she did the rest herself. it seems to have done the trick! She's now eating without my help now The only prob I have with her now, is that she thinks she's a human rather then a pigeon!! as she is following me around everywhere! lol;D Good Luck. Steve.
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