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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a paired pure white logan pigeons that have never been out of their loft so they dont go back to their loft but come back to mine. I dont want to buy youngsters as their sex are not known. Many thanks
  2. Hi, I am a new starter, can someone please explain some terminology I have seen on this site. What is meant by "stock" birds What is meant by "late bred" Is there a particular time the racing season starts? What breeds can I get in pure white? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, Whats the measurements for the width and length? And what type of wood did you use? Can this be used for a racing loft for someome starting off. I'd like to build something similar with an aviary on the side.
  4. Thanks for your reply, now to my next question:- Can you please list me birds for the following distances:- 1. short/sprint ( how many miles is this) 2. medium (how many miles is this) 3. long distance (how many miles is this) Many thanks
  5. Hi, I'm new to pigeon racing and would like to know how many racing seaons there are and when they are? Many thanks
  6. Hi, Does anyone know who may have placed the following add? As I am not getting through to the phone number. http://www.pigeonads.co.uk/pigeons/BT52964 Cheers
  7. Hi, Am I right to understand that there are several difference types of races, eg. sprint, short and long distance? So what pigeons come under each category? I know for instance that Logans are long distance. Cheers
  8. Thank you all very much for your explanations.
  9. Thanks, that's much clearer. Now to the follow on question. What is a late bred, is this because there's a specific time pigeons are bred, if so what is the breeding season, and how does this effect the racing pigeon? cheers
  10. So the following add in the "for sale" section means that "Max" and "Wain Lea Max are names given to pigeons by the owner or is it some other meaning? No 1. Blue Bar Cock "04", Bred by Mrs C Lycett & Son. Sire - "Max" Direct son of "Wain Lea Max", winner of 1st Open MNFC Bergerac 582mls. Fabulous pigeon. Dam - Direct dgtr of the awesome breeder "Goldmine Cock", who's responsible for birds to win over £40,000 in cash and is G/Sire of "Wain Lea Max".
  11. So what would be a pedigree for a logan cross bred with a janssen?
  12. Hi, Could someone please explain what the pedigree history is? I've seen a few mails on this site stating grandson of this and sister of that. What does this all mean? Are all pigeons named after the breeder for example janssen and warren fosters? Are for example logans bred with janssens? if so what will they be classified as? Cheers
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