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  1. John, The Loft Exterior is sectional and the sections can be removed. I would send a photo if i knew how to, i will speak to the goodlady to see if she can do this as she is pretty smart with the old computer. If you want to give me a bell on 0141 779 3932 feel free. Andy
  2. John, I currently have 5 sections in the loft to meet the needs of the Roundabout method that i use. I section for cocks, 1 for Hens(adjoining the cocks section and as you would appreciate a lot smaller than the cocks section) I have a small section for 8 stock pairs and 2 sections for the youngsters. The loft has a corridor @ the entrance , however to make the best use of space there is only the corridor at the rounabout hens and stock sections the rest is used to make the sections as big as possible. I don,t know what the loft is worth therefore i am open to a fair offer, all I will say is that if anyone is interested then pop along have a look and then hopefully agree a price.
  3. Muirhead, Glasgow. Give me your Mobile Number and we can arrange a suitable time for you to have a look.
  4. 24 foot by 9 foot Pigeon loft for sale. Tiled roof and one 5bird petron stall trap and one 4 foot sputnik. Buyer to arrange removal of loft from site. Loft located in Glasgow and offers are invited. In reasonable condition. Included with the loft are 16 pipo young bird perches/ 16 up and over nest boxes and 54 lift off perches.
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