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  1. thanks i'll phone the nehu office asap to find out if theyre compatable.
  2. hi could anyone help i'm thinking about buying a bricorn speedy ets.our club use unikon system i know that you can connect the bricorn to the unikon by a black lead but will all the data need to go through bricorn software or can it work through unikon. will i need to notify combine race marking station for combine races as i think they use unikon.
  4. came in today gb 2010 s 56067 red .
  5. 1ST L COBB 1552.909 2ND J FOWLER 1546.306 3RD A NICHOL 1545.554 4TH S SMITH 1542.288 5TH S HENDERSON&SON 1540.520 6TH S SMITH 1536.590 7TH J FOWLER 1528.545 8TH L COBB 1527.277 9TH A NICHOL 1524.959 10TH A NICHOL 1524.083 8 MEMBERS SENT 138 BIRDS L COBB WINS 50P POOLS WELL DONE
  6. lost about 19 birds up till now got one returned on transporter and one reported to old club sec who didn't think it was important enough to let me know i found out by a club member who new the person who found it . and the rest ive not seen or heard head nor tails of. ive reported over 10 this season even brought some back from stray centre for closer to home liberations will continue to report them and hope some of mine get reported or work there way back.
  7. 1ST J FOWLER 1300.497 2ND J FOWLER 1292.210 3RD A NICHOL 1273.629 4TH S SMITH 1271.804 5TH R DORIAN 1269.502 6TH L COBB 1264.863 7TH S HENDERSON&SON 1262.550 8TH A NICHOL 1254.812 9TH L COBB 1246.158 10TH A NICHOL 1240.1217 J.FOWLER WINS 50P POOLS. WELL DONE
  8. just the 1 up till now mate got another of the transporter let it out after few days for some loft exercise it was ok then training few days after and lost it. called down stray centre see if any there he said that a fancier from south of them had collected one of my birds i'm north of the stray centre so why are they letting southlads take our north birds and guess what still not had any contact from him about the bird or had any others reported.
  9. 1st J Fowler 1441.491 2nd S Smith 1441.004 3rd J Fowler 1432.381 4th A Nichol 1426.582 5th L Cobb 1417.239 6th A Nichol 1412.624 7th S Smith 1407.522 8th L Cobb 1404.814 9th S Henderson&son 1397.295 9 members sent 182 birds J Fowler wins 50p pools well done.
  10. BUBWITH YB FLOWN ON 25/07/2010 LIB 8:50am W,NW WIND POS MEMBER DIST A.F.T VEL BIRD 1st J POWELL&SON 78-1178 1.40.49 1373.0364 CWH10SUN692 FN 2nd WOODROFFE BRO'S 79-0702 1.41.46 1373.0160 DH10NP2877 FN 3rd A SHEPHERD 78-1221 1.41.04 1370.0392 MC10SUN1022 4th L COBB 75-0865 1.37.13 1366.0690 BWC10SUN1529 5th W MOONEY 78-1258 1.41.21 1366.0137 BWH10SUN714 FN 6th A SHEPHERD 78-1228 1.41.47 1360.0743 BH10SUN1045 7th W MOONEY 78-1258 1.42.12 1354.0774 BH10SUN712 8th A NICHOL 77-0514 1.40.40 1351.0331 BC10SP1971 9th R LUND 79-0316 1.44.35 1332.0487 BC10SUN2291 10th W MOONEY 78-1258 1.44.27 1325.0591 BH10SUN740 11th ATKINSON&McDONALD 80-0685 1.46.40 1326.0421 BH10SUN1753 12th WOODROFFE BRO'S 79-0702 1.45.45 1321.0437 BH10SUN75 13th D NELSON 80-0203 1.47.43 1309.0017 DC10SUN1312 14th R LUND 79-0316 1.46.28 1308.0916 BH10SUN2319 15th ATKINSON&McDONALD 80-0685 1.48.49 1300.0214 MC10SUN1738 16th A NICHOL 77-0514 1.44.46 1298.0447 BH10SUN1700 17th WOODROFFE BRO'S 79-0702 1.47.41 1297.0712 MH10SUN98 18th ATKINSON&McDONALD 80-0685 1.49.16 1294.0859 BH10SUN1755 19th D NELSON 80-0203 1.49.42 1285.0350 BWH10SUN1320 20th S SMITH 76-0472 1.46.02 1265.0942 CC10SUN1430 CLUBS BIRDS FN BASKETS HIGH SOUTHWICK 181 51 8 TOWNEND FARM 112 32 5 CORNHILL 270 32 11 FARRINGDON 155 72 6 OBJECTIONS TO SECRETARY IN WRITING IN SEVEN DAYS OF RESULT POSTED BOB COCKBURN TEL-0191 5499027 MOB-07933218551 WELL DONE ALL
  11. unc section 4 up at 9:00am good luck.
  12. did you manage to get his number.
  13. shaun h

    Lib At Seaham

    do's anyone know what time the liberation at seaham is tomorrow as i was wanting to go see it i think its the hull birds that are getting libbed.
  14. saturday with abit of luck. ive got 24 for bubwith about 79mls
  15. hi could yous keep your eyes out for any of these birds some lost from first race and the rest off training upto first race . sun 2010 1432 1449 1455 1457 1459 1462 1464 1465 1466 1474 1476 1477 1478 1480 1481 1484 1485 all will have a yellow or blue numbered clip ring above life ring will collect all thats found in northeast uk and will send for them anywhere else 17 missing and not had one reported so far . contact me 07531005298 thanks
  16. i dipped mine up to neck in duramitex and defo clear them of lice but birds looked a bit off the next day but no lasting affects what i can see of all look fine now so will use it again.
  17. shaun h


    blyth borough hs club sec mr k coundon 01670 362623
  18. high southwick hs mate club sec numbers 0191 5168226 mobile 07825068403 mr p.thoms
  19. still waiting on 7 from 20 didnt get on score sheet but not far off. unc bubwith 1hr 50mins 70 odd mile
  20. mines from bubwith but think theres a few unc libbs today mate.
  21. shaun h

    Unc Lib Time

    unc libbed at 8:50 not sure what winds
  22. unc up at 8:50 good luck all
  23. anyone know if unc have libbed yet lib line dosn't seem to be working.
  24. im in section 4 of unc bubwith basketing sat for sunday lib mate. The Up North Combine have the following liberations: 1 liberation at Sandhutton (near Thirsk) - Tyne to Tweed Section 1 liberation at Pontefract - (TeesValley/Shotton/Trimdon at a guess) 1 liberation at Wetherby - (Gateshead Fed at a guess) 6 cuts at Bubwith (Selby - Breighton Airfield) 1cut at Worksop - Teesside Federation got this from another site i always thought we got libbed from same site but at diffrent times.
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