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  1. What sort of distances do you call sprint to middle distance in miles
  2. You cant go on insulting people,there lofts,there birds on here and think its ok if you put JMO do you get it? JMO BTW.
  3. Its what he wants and his birds are happy with it.No need to say its crap even if it is ur opinion.
  4. Im an hour slow on mine it says at the bottom All forum times are GMT -1 hours
  5. I never seen an asking price i just seen it said reserve not met
  6. Nice healthy ybs.Your first race bird is a topper what breeding is she.Im sure she will do you proud.
  7. Cracking birds tip top condition Could you get a better pic of the last drk chq.What breeding is he?
  8. Yes its in poland but there lights still generate the same heat as ours.What is the need for perspex box you could see the bird better in a show pen
  9. Thats what i was thinking how cruel in perspex box even with water and the air holes
  10. Why should he remove the grit nd mineral
  11. Everyone likes different ventilation systems in there lofts.Im sure if you asked them for specific ventilation system put in they would have done it at a price.
  12. In defence of what.Im pointing out what i see on the video.It is a kestrel attacking pigeon.
  13. How would i use the spare birds to make the others jelous.Do you mean taking a cock thats paired up out his box and putting the spare cock in and letting him see.
  14. No i mean the ybs i put in to the section where the ones on the floor will be nesting.And they will be sitting pot eggs.
  15. I never said i hunted pigeons i said IF!
  16. Yes i fly natural i was thinking about that but wont my ybs get scalped
  17. That will mean killing half my racing team.And i cant afford to do that we have only been back racing the last 2 years and struggling to build a team as it is.
  18. You were never on my Xmas list and im just telling you what i would do.Would you go out hunting mice if you had one?
  19. I have a problem.I have got 6 cocks and 4 hens too many.I dont have enough nest boxes or room for Anymore.I will need these birds for racing this year and the only space i have is 1 section for ybs.Do i take the chance and put them in with the ybs.
  20. If i had a kestrel it would be trained on pigeons theres no fun in hunting mice and voles And they dont normally attack pigeons.But they will if they have to.
  21. If kestrels dont attack pigeons.What is that one doing.
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