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  1. Absolutely top notch. Well done Jimmy
  2. JimC

    Cal 50

    Well done Callum dream stuff. Big congratulations
  3. Superb Eddie well done
  4. Superb Jim well done.
  5. Spoke to Wullie last night cracking winner also good to see Jim up there as well hard lines with the accumulated jim
  6. Winning pigeons last week we’re doing over 1700 ypm. Thanks again for letting me know.
  7. Jim Cullen here from uddingston, it’s my pigeon it was racing from Catterick last week. Thanks for letting me know. As a matter of interest where was it found.
  8. Nice start well done Jim
  9. What a season Brian, will be hard to better that next year
  10. Scotland’s number one fancier by a country mile. Well done again Billy
  11. Shouldn’t need to prove anything Andy your y/bs have been on fire all year in what has been a difficult y/b season it’s congratulations you were due yesterday for a top performance in all organisations
  12. John I agree with you except I believe we have to educate them. For years now I have only raced my young birds first two races and then stopped them,only racing young birds that I think are surplus for requirements For the following year. They don’t have to be raced right out as y/bs to win as yearlings as I have proved, topped fed with yearling from Ypres that had only 1 y/b race, this year yearling home from Reims only 2 y/b races. Fanciers including myself aren’t training y/bs properly through fear, so I think the federation should help all of us to educate the y/bs,and the only way I think that’s possible is to have 3 or 4 races from Dunbar because for some reason we are still getting good steady returns from that area. That learns Them about the transporter and gives them confidence for the following year.
  13. JimC

    What A Race!

    Well done Derek superb racing
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