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  1. http://www.pigeoninflight.com/index.php/external-parasites-of-pigeons
  2. Yes sorry about that all it is my fault i have put the yr 14 along side of the 6761 sorry all....
  3. Freind of mine as a pigeon in SU P 146761 I am in Nottingham, Many thanxs........
  4. Hi Lads any report on what the weathers like up Berwick newcastle that neck of the woods Cheers..
  5. There is no smell like i said i put jeyes fluid in the bin and around it...
  6. Big old wheelie bin buried in the ground, dug out the depth and width then placed the bin in the hole prior to putting in hole i drilled hundreds of holes in the base and the sides of the bin. Put my droppings in it then every now and then i soak with water with a little Jeys fluid added i think the under ground bugs break it down along with the worms etc etc..
  7. Nice lofts M8 hope u get many winners racing bck to it all best for the cuming season..
  8. What about loft exercise prior going work for 1 hr? Come Mid March sunrise at around 6:00 in the morning and April etc even earlier sunrise...
  9. The thing is though Froch was on the canvas round 1 Yes round 1 who knows what would have happened if the bell had not saved him? We all assume this and that yet we all know nowt. Also what about a mandatory count on towards Groves to see if he was capable of carrying on it was a title fight.
  10. Glad he made it home to you Mac, hope he does you well in the future m8, nice bird.. Cheers John.
  11. Got the bird now m8...
  12. Where abouts in Nottingham m8 let me know i am in Notts.
  13. John k


    Sorry to hear of you loss but why didn't your father-in-law intervene when the spar attacked the poor pigeon..
  14. I am Nottingham M8 willing to help if i can.....
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