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  1. Stevie thats mine i will pick it up when i go to my dads
  2. John thanks for bringing my yb up the road bud
  3. Cant agree more this is gettibg worse wk in wk out
  4. Fife fed catterick 9.15 nw wind
  5. Fife fed 11.00 se wind Alnwick
  6. Good call Andy why is Danderhall going on it’s own ????
  7. Fife at Coldstream 10.45 wnw good luck guys
  8. Adee1888


    Iv done yakult butter milk and kefir but kefir was the best result for me
  9. Adee1888


    Ready made Asda £1
  10. Well done gary out on its own
  11. Snfc are a shambles End of story its a money grabbing sh,t show
  12. Some pigeon this 1st club again this wee blue cock never had a trainibg toss since a week before 1 st race and im only racing 18/19 weekly
  13. Fife fed libbed Wakefield 6.20 sw wind good luck guys
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