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  1. Congratulations Gibby good flying. Theirs probably been a few bottles of rum been consumed at Fowler ave.
  2. Well done too the sasanach from Hull.
  3. You weren't related to the Krays by any chance ?
  4. To quote a old Clint Eastwood film HANG EM HIGH.
  5. Have a very happy lockdown birthday Bob.
  6. Woodsider

    Fruit Pickers

    And here's me thinking slavery had been abolished.
  7. Woodsider

    Fruit Pickers

    If all that was true why are the British fruit growers struggling too get their produce picked. MORE FALSE NEWS..
  8. It depends when we do get racing. What we could do is race the o/b program wed/sat till we catch up. Only problem is fanciers who work and getting a driver for Wednesday.
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