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  1. Well done all timers John how are the North of Scotland pigeons flying for you?
  2. How much are you charging for your van loons
  3. Davie you will be a missed man and the fed will find it hard to replace you , always willing to go the extra mile to help thank you from all the members at Deveron Valley and from myself And Alan topper of a bloke :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  4. 1st James Abel 1089.806 2nd James Abel 1089.292 3rd Fulton&Ritchie 1088.247 4th Fulton&Ritchie 1088.247 5th Andy Wilson 1069.295 6th Gogs Wilson 1069.295 7th John Mair 1056.609 8th Fulton&Ritchie 991.569 9th Andy Wilson 977.334 10th Andy Wilson 972.922 Well done James now you can relinquish the must try harder trophy this year John Mair wins the pools and food
  5. It's not our Polish doo he is in birdie heaven
  6. Well done Walter 22 Doos away in Banff and not a feather in race time
  7. Great result and fantastic racer well done
  8. Deveron Lad


    Well done a dream come true great performance
  9. Well done what an achievement fantastic preparation and a game doo
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