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    This was mine thanks
  2. Heavy showers all over yesterday but sun was out after 12 mid day
  3. Midlothian libarated with them yesterday still waiting on 12
  4. GOREBRIDGE CLUB RESULT TOWLAW 1st A power 2nd D White 3rd D white 4th. R Simpson 5th. R Simpson 6th. R Simpson 7th. A power
  5. You will find it's only 1person with full returns
  6. Best team I have ever had and no problem at all with the birds 100%
  7. Looking for a good price to have 5 young birds from Norwich area to Edinburgh Thanks
  8. Help needed I have a pigeon reported in Durham i stay just outside Edinburgh if anyone can help please.
  9. Help needed anyone help have a pigeon reported in Morpeth I stay in pathhead Midlothian.
  10. Help needed I have a bird reported in Morpeth I stay in pathhead Midlothian is there anyone down that way can help.
  11. Hi yes very interested thanks.
  12. Hi there looking for 4 Jansen based cocks to pair to Jansen hens if any left thanks.
  13. Hi there any show racers left ?
  14. Looking for a unikon ets
  15. thanks just called him wants me to put it in stray basket cheers.
  16. shu said it should go in a stray basket thay don't report young birds but I thought the guy should know where his pigeons are and the fact i had the pigeon let go in fife twice.
  17. nehu 14 cd 2388 su 14 ab 1229 su 14 ne 7536 su 14 f 31 all came in tonight with my young birds.
  18. Su 14 F 98 anyone know who this belongs to as shu won't allow me to report it. It came in last week and has been since liberated in Dunfermline and leven only to return back to me the same day.
  19. iv put it out this morning hopefully it gets home cant see it round the loft.
  20. called Mr.A. Thomson he said he would get the owner to call me but no call.
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