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  1. 19.50 transporter arrived on site drinkers filled will be cleaned out and re filled at 6am any queries contact John pryde 0898200898
  2. Loading Transporter Saturday for Sunday race Danderhall ....................12 Easthouses/Castle Brae...12.30/12.45 East of Scotland..............12.45/13.00 Bonnyrigg/Arniston..........13.00/13.15 Woodburn/Edin Premier...13.15/13.30 Sight Hill/Edin West.........13.30/13.45
  3. Saddened to hear of the passing of my old pal, With a friendship going back many years, Garry was a Top man, a good friend who would do anything to help,and always had my back no matter what,Remembering all the good times, hope you've found peace at the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON R.I.P. old pal Chris Bonnington Well said Chris
  4. President of Easthouses social flying club Garry Passed away Suddenly at home Will be sorely missed Top Man R.I.P.
  5. Transporter arrived on site at 12.50 drinkers filled 6am drinkers cleaned and topped up still overcast at race point at present
  6. Unloading transporter 500 yards further along from Easthouses club car park on right hand side of road old Newbattle high school
  7. Pentland Fed E.o.S. and Scottish Borders Catterick 9.30 in south wind
  8. Pentland Fed E.o.S. and Scottish Borders 9.30 in south wind
  9. Sun's came out and winds picked up convoyer been told to cut strings and prepare
  10. Transporter arrived at liberation site at 12.15 filled. Drinkers cleaned and re filled at 6.45.
  11. This week's race will be put back 24hrs same times loading transporter on Saturday with Aycliffe liberation site being fenced off this week's race is Catterick hopefully
  12. 1967


    Pentland fed & E. O. S 9.30 Scottish Borders 9.45
  13. Pentland fed and E. O. S 3209 birds liberating at 9.30 in lt nww Scottish Borders 505 birds liberating at 9.45 Good luck all
  14. Pentland Fed & E.o.S Sent 3209 ish Birds Transporter arrived on site drinkers Filled will be cleaned and fresh water in morning Next update 9am ish
  15. Sight Hill with Edinburgh west 19.45 20.00 corrective spelling will change it
  16. Race Programme as above Loading Transporter Easthouses / castle brae....18.30-18.45 East of Scotland................18.45-19.10 Anniston/ Bonnyrigg..........19.10-19.30 Edwin prem/ Woodburn......19.30-1945 Rightfully/ Edin West..........19.45-20.00
  17. Subject to restrictions being lifted 1st May. Otterburn 7th. May. Aycliffe 15th. May. Wetherby 22nd May. Newark 26th May. Yearning midweek (proposed) 29th May. Newark 5th June. Melton Mowbray 12 June. Wetherby comeback 19th June. Billericay
  18. 1967


    Chris Bonnington is going down to Swainstons yard on Friday any Scottish strays needing a lift up the road can you have them at the yard no later than 11.30 please. Cheers Chris
  19. Sunday 29th March in Easthouses miners club viewing 12 till 1
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