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  1. some good dancing in the background by yerself Cem
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa2nLEhUcZ0&feature=relmfu another gud yin .
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=594WLzzb3JI&feature=related another
  4. well i am no gate crasher , but might qualify for the other 2 c u later
  5. about 120 (dont quote me) with the East of Scotland fed ,race from Newark ,transported by Pentland.
  6. andy Burgess


    c,mon John dont beat about the bush ,tell us what you feel .
  7. andy Burgess


    good move Aarron ,all the best with them .
  8. get well soon Dave. andy &Seona Burgess.
  9. never mind the vanity Tony ,hows the weather . again cloudy ,dry and no-wind in East Lothian.
  10. morning folks , "how am i"?? ........ arfur sleep
  11. happy birthday both , Cemetary 42 ??? musta been a tough paper round that wan.
  12. andy Burgess


    you should fill your shed with them pal (and ask the guy who got the youngster how he fed and trained etc)
  13. andy Burgess


    i will have 2 bred the same way next year please , will send my own rings down
  14. well done , great result.
  15. may get more interest with some pictures up ??
  16. thought it had been voted on and sorted ??
  17. finally spoke to club secretary (thanks Clockman) he will inform the owner.
  18. well theres 10 going Bobby , wonder if there will be many more ??
  19. its for next to nothing , a couple of sheets of plastic and it would be sorted, it served the fancier well in the East anyway??
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