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  1. The funeral service of the late Donald Mathieson is Friday 13th August at the Douglas Suite Auchlochan Lesmahagow at 1pm thereafter at Lesmahagow Cemetery at 2 15 pm then back to Auchlochan for tea. All welcome to attend all of the services and tea.
  2. So maybe the south section doos faired better because they fly old route whereas the rest of the country flys the east route
  3. Littlehampton diabolical as well for times and returns. Just thought the Guernsey races highlighted the casualty rate for pigeons travelling from the solway to central Scotland in small numbers
  4. Looking at the results 25% of the south section doos took an open position but by 6pm most of the other regions prize list was completed. So you have to assume that 25% of all the regions made it to the solway and 90 percent of these pigeons never made it into central Scotland
  5. Well done Peter White superb winner
  6. dms5686

    Cal 50

    Brilliant performance well done
  7. Congratulations to one of the best partnerships in the doo game
  8. Got to say well done to the Coalburn members who all reacted well to the situation we were put in especially Tommy Steele who really stepped up to the mark to save the situation A top guy
  9. Good programme when can new members join up till
  10. Getting more complicated then keep it simple race marking at your own club hut
  11. Central marking bad idea more chance of infection
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