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  1. Tried again tonight no answer just rings out. No answering machine. I’ll put the bird in the club stray basket tomo.
  2. Phoned the number a couple of times this morning and still no answer.
  3. In today, there’s a tel number on that I’ve phoned twice but no answer. Bird is in Edinburgh.
  4. Was a good sale & plenty cheap birds being sold in the auction
  5. Wilder will win by KO & if that doesn't happen then Fury will beat him on points, Fury can't ko him out. Wilder has so much power but Fury is clever & can move for a big guy. However how many heavyweight fights that should have been epic fights have been spoiled by tactics. Whatever happens I hope it's worth watching.
  6. AntWalker


    Have you got any picture of them ?
  7. Just came in with my pouters. No tel ring or wing stamp
  8. Mark isn't on here but we are delighted with that for only our 2nd race.
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