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  1. Hi guys, I've been registered on here for some years but technically a new member & novice to keeping racing pigeons. Going to race young birds for the first time this year in Edinburgh, myself & my good friend have decided to go into partnership, we're slowly but surely getting birds together for the season ahead. We've both kept Horseman/pouter pigeons for years but keeping racing pigeons is new to us. We're still learning everyday & picking up bits n pieces from websites & Facebook pages. I've just about finished building our loft only got a couple wee things left to do but there's some breeders already down with young in the nests. Anyway hopefully this site will be useful Anthony
  2. Can you put ma name down please Edinburghdoos
  3. Can you put ma name down please Edinburghdoos
  4. Couldnt post this is the proper section, site wouldnt let me, Mod's could you move to right place. Guy on my site giving away 2 nearly pure white tumblers for free. see here for detail's http://edinburghdoos.17.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=176
  5. His Nephew was playing along side of him! They had to sub him because of the shock he was in! A memory that will stay with his teams mates everytime they play from now on!. RIP Phil. :'(
  6. Just to add it cost's nothing to register and join in. Edinburghdoos
  7. Hello all. I've just registered on the forums, while i take some time to have a look about your forums here's a little about myself, I fly horseman in east edinburgh, now i know they're not everybodys cup of tea but if thats what your brought up to know then so be it. Flying the doo's or these doos has went way downhill from what it used to be and if it wasnt for the few folk that still do it, It may well be dead down my end. So i started a website called Edinburghdoos in the hope that the more people who used the site the more encouragement they'd get to fly the doos the way ther're meant to be flown and for a while it was going well until the site crashed and i lost over 100 members. After a month or so i managed to get a new site up and running again but some of the old members have trouble finding the new site but with a little bit of time i think it can pick back up. Edinburghdoos consists of eight different sections with a General chat, newbies, pictures & videos, pigeon & pet suppliers, random stuff, for sale and swaps & links sections to name a few. Also we dont just talk about flying there's breeders who use the site etc. So i'll leave it at that just now, if you'd like to have a wee ganders at the site here's the address and link. http://edinburghdoos.17.forumer.com Thanks Edinburghdoos
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