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  1. gordi.b

    Breeder Buyer

    still got 3 from 4 after a hard 1st race today
  2. up to 16 from 27 from kelso , hard work
  3. gordi.b

    Liberations Today

    fife away at kelso 6-15 no wind , good luck all
  4. mossmorran, goat quarry, longannet, im surrounded, counted 5 in the sky round mossmorran last sunday and my lot were out , got lucky though they headed off burntisland way
  5. first yb race from kelso , 27 in the loft, 27 going
  6. bred 4 crackers gonna train them through winter and see how they go
  7. just tossed ybs at haddington at 5-45 am lovely weather , they all beat me home , off to work now
  8. gordi.b

    T3 Printer

    clubs got one , but its handy to have your own
  9. thats disastrous charlie , hope they work back mate
  10. gordi.b

    T3 Printer

    looking for printer for t3 clock
  11. im confused john is it £60 or £80 ?
  12. give it a good burn with a blowlamp before u disinfect it and get it into all the corners then disinfect it
  13. iv been training at 5am for the past fortnight im knackered but birds training well no losses yet [ touch wood ]
  14. blue hen nehu 2010 1911, taken up residence in fife, any takers
  15. gordi.b

    Nehu Birds

    blue hen NEHU 2010 SS 1911, here in fife
  16. gave my lot 5th toss this mning let them go at 6am , they usually beat me home ,left for work late at 7-15 none home . phoned wife at 8-15 none home , came home tonight expecting the worst { as we do } full perches , was i glad ,
  17. got my yrling hen the only old bird i have flown all season at 6-58 this mning
  18. lost three last week to peregrine attack and lost a stunning yb from fed topper to a sparrowhawk attack, gettin really pissed of now
  19. good luck you nth sect guys you never get it easy
  20. i buy from lambournes every year , good service
  21. no road work yet but mine have been sitting in the basket every saturday while i wait for race birds, and if your waiting for my birds thats a long time in the basket
  22. gordi.b

    Wanted T3

    just bought one of e-bay, still a couple on there if you want a look
  23. was listening to a discussion on radio scotland this morning, it said the mighty r.s.p.b are going to fit transmitters to five male cuckoos in england so they can track them and find out why all the cuckoo,s are disapearing, WHY DON,T THEY JUST ASK THE PIGEON FANCIER,S WE KNOW WHO THE CULPRITS ARE , DON,T WE GUYS
  24. tried rockets at my last house and it did work , gonna have to buy some more i think, cheers
  25. sorry yellow it was yesterday , friday night, oops my mistake
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