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  1. had my hens out for first time in weeks , walked round house and bloody hawk was on one in 5 mins , managed to rescue it not to badly damaged .
  2. gordi.b


    bought my grandson a nice little tumbler hen at blackpool, had it out only a couple of days then the local sparrowhawk nailed it, he couldn,t believe what it had done to it.
  3. gordi.b


    my wife used to donate to R.S.P.B., i cancelled her subscription and some guy phoned to ask why , i told him they are obsessed with b.o.p which he denied and said their numbers were decreasing .
  4. will be going , quite like the Y/B race proposal
  5. had a great weekend , me,t up with old mates bought a few things had a few drinks?my brother/ sister in laws go every year with us and luv it, to many stalls selling non pigeon stuff yes it was easier to get around but it was still busy.
  6. had a nice old guy in my hotel who had two of bobs birds he had loaned hin and he was returning them to bob at show , they were absolute crackers , by the time we got to bobs stand there were 6 birds left, ian axe pigeons were in excellent condition , most of the birdsbwere disapointing, i actually bought a wee tumbler for my g/son who lost one of his , had a great weekend though.
  7. trades club sat /afternoon jan theelen gonna have a pair and a hen for my jan arden cock (don,t tell the wife)
  8. will pop in for a couple
  9. you gotta buy summit at blackpool
  10. walk round show sat mning of to trades club for sale at 3pm , out with the ladies at night to club, back to show sun mning find the women then the awful drive home, cos the rest all fall asleep, great weekend though, can,t wait
  11. jan theelan sale in trades club blackpool saturday, go on heart of england web site most are older stock birds , good luck
  12. happy new year to all on P.B and best wishes for coming season roll on blackpool
  13. gordi.b


    me to never gettin it on friday these days
  14. A.Hitchcock from windsor , sells them through elimar , had some nice pigeons
  15. gordi.b

    Free Birds

    just to say many thanks to brian and his dad for the lovely pair of birds from them , very pleased and it was a pleasure looking round , lofts and birds ,thanks again its, appreciated
  16. gordi.b

    Nest Boxes

    u got a fone no stevie?
  17. gordi.b

    Nest Boxes

    looking for nest boxes pref with wooden fronts ? anyone?
  18. i got a load of l/bred will be selective training right through winter,
  19. gordi.b

    Free Birds

    hi brian you got any jan ardens left just restarted and only really got l/breds here
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