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Milltown & Donaghcloney


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Milltown & Donaghcloney clubs are coming together to stage a series of shows.

First show will be held in Milltown HPS clubroom, penning from 7.00 - 8.00pm this Tuesday 4th November.

Class is for Any Age cock or hen with Special for Best Young Bird.

Visiting fanciers are most welcome.

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Result of show held 4th November.

1st W. McDowell & Son

2nd G & S. McMullan

3rd Fitzpatrick & Hyde

4th A. Neill

RES Fitzpatrick & Hyde

VHC M.Duggan

HC M.Duggan

C T & K Mawhinney

Best Young Bird Fitzpatrick & Hyde


The clubs would like to thank all those who supported the show.

Thanks also got to Messrs Topley & Serplus for judging and their generous gift to aid the club funds.

Next show 11th November at Milltown.

All welcome.

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Result of 3rd show held to-night 18th November.


1st T & K. Mawhinney

2nd T & K. Mawhinney

3rd E. Murray

4th W. McDowell & Son

RES J. Mount & Son

VHC A. Neill

HC A. Neill

C T & K. Mawhinney


SPECIAL T & K. Mawhinney


The show was judged by Wesley Sawyers, whom the clubs would like to thank for his attendance and the generous racing special.

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Result of 4th show held to-night 25th November.



1st E. Murray

2nd M. Duggan

3rd T & K. Mawhinney

4th M. Duggan

RES T & K. Mawhinney

VHC T & K. Mawhinney

HC A. Neill

C E. Murray


SPECIAL J. Mount & Son


The clubs would like to thank J. Greenaway for giving his time to act as judge.

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