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Building My Widowhood Boxes


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just finnished my boxes never thought i could build anything like these, your instructions were bang on your a genius

Happy that my time putting this thread together was helpful well done :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping: Show us your handy work you can send the big pot of dosh you saved in the post lol :emoticon-0140-rofl: :emoticon-0140-rofl: :emoticon-0140-rofl: :emoticon-0140-rofl:

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what size grilles are you using?

Ended up giving the grills away , your better having a mesh floor with a removable floor in to clean imo the grills only take about 3 days before needed cleaning they were more hassle than there worth ;) I cut the grills down to fit 14 inch x 12 inch x 2 grills

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Can you put a picture up for me to see? I'm totally new and just fitting my loft out.



no picture as box are as first made just without the grills just make boxes as is , add a mesh frame to each box bottom with a spar in the middle and enough gap to each bottom so you can slide a false floor , a bit of ply would do then can just slide bottom out for a quick scrape the bigger the gap the less often you need to clean :)

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Oldbird - I'm not getting the vision on what I need to do sorry (maybe i'm ust thick lol)..... would it not be easier just to have spare grilles?

The grills have very little clearance this results in them not been of much use build the boxes as is scrape everyday twice a day or alternatively give them a mesh floor with a gap underneath add a piece of ply which you put underneath the mesh floor to catch the droppings this will give a better height for several days of droppings , the idea is to stop your birds standing in there own faeces as the grills are imo not high enough there a waste of money and hard to clean a mesh floor will allow the droppings to fall through lets say you make a four sided frame with a spar in the middle this you attach the mesh to and the front block to the spar this will be say four inch from the solid bottom of the box giving a 3 inch clearance if frame made from 1x1 , now you can't get in to scrape as box fixed so a false bottom with a bit of ply will give you draw to remove the droppings on ;)so from top of box is i think 14.5 inch then you'd have your mesh suspended floor then a gap underneath with a bit of ply to catch any droppings making the box height in total 18.5 inch :)

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what size mesh would I use? 1 x 1 inch not from a roll this will come in sheet form


do I have to increase height of box from 14" to 18.5"? yes


the frame would be fixed to the box right? yes and would be a single 2ft x 14" frame? yes


the spar would also be suspended? I used the word suspended to give a clearer picture this will give the mesh some support and allow to fix the bottom block to the mesh :)

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Right got it!!


Where does the privacy panel come in to play?

just to stop snapped flights on these boxes ;) on proper widowhood boxes over the nest bowl side ;)

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Back end of box is used for pre pairing birds , showing hens to cocks on return from racing also where young birds are reared , when hen removed after rearing this is closed off less to clean and motivation for cock hen hen in his box ;)

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