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  1. I know just trying to find someone with them Neil
  2. Does anyone breed and race the hardy Kruger pigeons on here? How are they performing? Neil
  3. Has anyone got any drapa cocks for sale? I'm looking for something as close to the champ as possible. Neil
  4. give me a shout when you ready, it will be 2nd round youngsters i can give you, I'm also new and know how hard and expensive it is to set up so any help i can give - i will Neil
  5. dankay123 give us a pm, I'm in liverpool but should be able to breed you a few youngsters for free to get you going but make sure your setup with loft etc first. Neil
  6. Cheers Mick Is there anyone else with them? Who are DT lofts?
  7. Have you got contact details
  8. Has anyone or do they know anyone who sells the old strain of grooters?
  9. gibson83

    3Ft Sputnik

    looking for a 3 foot sputnik for sale must be in good condition ready to use neil
  10. Bidding closed at 10pm but clocks are actually out - admin are checking clock!
  11. gibson83

    Dvds Wanted

    I'm not on Facebook - can you get contact details for me pls
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