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" Ask Him "


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" Ask him".

She says I`m always moaning, about my aches and pains,

Of all the ailments that I have the little cramps and strains,

So she sent me to the chemist, with strong words in my head,

And off I went, determined, - for this is what she said. :

"Ask him for some rubbing oil, to ease your `aching back`

The one you tell me `hurts a lot`, and you can `hear it crack`,

Ask him for some cough drops, to ease your throat, `that`s sore`,

And if he`s got a lot in stock. - Ask him for some more.

Ask him for some eyedrops, to clear your eyes to see,

The mess you leave behind you, the mess you leave for me,

Ask him for some earwax cleaner, bring some back today,

And then perhaps just somehow, you will hear just what I say.

Ask him for some plasters for those, `gashes` on your arm,

The ones that vanish overnight and never cause you harm,

Ask him for some headache pills to ease your `misery`,

Then ask him, - YES, - just ask him!, for a special treat for me.

Ask him for `Viagra`, for that little thing below,

That thing that`s always sulking, and will not ever grow,

And don`t ask him for, `one or two`, I need to have some fun,

Go on, I dare you, ask him, - ask him for a Ton. "

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