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Just back from the club and all the members are delighted with the race /returns in a difficult race to control today. Well done Alex, your 50+years of experience really payed off today.

You trying to say it took 50 years of experience to get lucky on a short race? Does your club only tell you to come on here when you have a good race? Does no one say anything about him clearly breaching the things passed at the agm? Or do you think he can do what he likes as he's got 50 years experience? Bit like yourself isn't it, you give the results out a week after the race and say any objections in writing within 7 days of the date on the sheet, yet you keep it for 5 days and give them for 5 days but let your friends know earlier. You think that's acceptable? You think your any better than other fed members? I won't hold my breath for answers as you never have them, you just keep hiding in your caves and pop your head out when you feel you have a reason to say things went right. But the fact is there are rules you and the other shadow hugger are suppose to abide by and if yous can't even stick to the rules, yous are pointless and inadequate which is clear for all to see.

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