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    It's a NE pigeon
  2. MPB


  3. MPB


    SU18AV6639 any takers
  4. MPB


    Vic couper Bonnybridge 01324 815440
  5. Well done evy and Andrew that's a good hen.
  6. MPB


    Su17f5047 just in
  7. MPB


    Just been to gretna and picked up the following strays su17 L 11241,su 17 L 15928 and su17 R 145 any takers?
  8. Well done evy and Andrew on your win at the weekend flying out their skin keep it up and good luck at buckingham.
  9. MPB


    Su12AV5378 in tonight any takers
  10. Great flying and all home in 23 minutes and a really good pigeon in the making think that's 3 first's for this bird in 5 races
  11. How in the name of #### does a disabled person catch pigeons to basket for racing but can't climb a step at club hut.Sour grapes are ripe
  12. Well done evy and andrew seen their clocking list 24 clocked in 17 minuts great flying
  13. MPB

    Stray In

    No it's a latebread cheq cock No it's a latebread cheq cock
  14. MPB

    Stray In

    Su07L7062 came in today hawked
  15. MPB

    Charlotte's Sale

    Lot 3 £60 Done Thanks
  16. MPB

    Charlotte's Sale

    Lot 3 £50 Lot 9 £50 Done Thanks
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