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  1. INV

    Stray Nwhu21C2572

    Thanks Jim, All sorted .
  2. NWHU 2021 C 2572 In last night ,well down but looking a bit better today
  3. SU19P3550 This bird is with Eric Yule in Kintore, Aberdeenshire. He can be contacted on 01467 632501.
  4. As discussed with owner bird released today at mid-day aprox 5miles south of Stonehaven. Hope it made it home !
  5. Blue bar Cock SU18P6128 This bird dropped with one of my todays club race birds at 2211 hrs. Very hungry but ok. Somebody will be looking for him. Will see how he is in the morning. Sandy Robb
  6. INV


    In last night Thin but ok. Will give it b&b for couple of days then release.
  7. INV


    Long way from home No wing stamp or tel ring SU20AV2206
  8. Liberate today 0630 Cleared well Hope it makes it !
  9. Just been handed SU18NE764 by a neighbour Exhausted but ok Will feed and water and lib in a few days unless told otherwise. Sandy Robb
  10. SUNE3312 in tonight in Blackburn Is this one ¿ Sandy Robb
  11. You guys have got long memories . It's more than 40 years since I moved to Blackburn and joined Inverurie rpc. Hardly seems relevant in 2019 !
  12. INV

    Tenerife Race

    Cloudy day at home end but lots of blue sky out over sea. Not a day for the pool yet
  13. Inverurie Rpc Dunfermline 1 30/7/2018 4 sent 72 birds >=90mls to most A Robb 1284.99 A Robb 1268.92 A Robb 1267.41 E&N Yule 1226.71 R McKenzie 1209.73 R McKenzie 1207.59 L Lindsay 1037.64 (FPO) Well done to Sandy on winning the race Marking for Brechin 2 at 9pm
  14. Inverurie Rpc Brechin 1 Ybs 22/7/2018 6 members sent 131 birds <=40 miles for most A Robb 1400.62 A Robb 1378.64 A&A Milne 1365.48 A Robb 1353.45 A&A Milne 1323.72 R McKenzie 973.67 E&N Yule 925.5 W&A Ross 848.26 Well done to Sandy on winning the race Race Marking for Dunfermline next week is at 9pm
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