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  1. stevenf

    Snfc B Sect

    Well done to Tam & Allan Nolan 1st B section , 4th open
  2. We're not in till 42 got 35 oo 47 in 30 mins
  3. thanks very much guys from Tam & myself thanks to clocky for the lucky basket!! & a massive thanks to stevie girdwood for bailling us out with those cracking young birds after we had a shocking hatch in the new widowhood section
  4. stevenf

    Snfc Maidsone

    it wouldnt matter who puts themselves forward for the job as part of the race control team as proved by the previous race they can & were overruled its like being a manager at hearts fc you can select the team but romanov gets the final say !!!!
  5. yes big ally well done mate 61 ? age ???
  6. well done dode i see you have lost your wig mate
  7. pm clocky he will get the pies n biccies for a pit stop ;D
  8. when & where are you guys having your young bird national
  9. are they all the same age ?
  10. well done davie put the order in for hangover cures asap
  11. is this a son of auld reekie? it is a grandson
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