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  1. Sensible offers will be considered for these birds. I would prefer to re-home them sooner rather than later. PM if seriously interested.
  2. No 2, 3, 5 & 7 are still available. PM if interested. Thanks...Colin.
  3. No 6 now sold. No 5 & 7 still available.
  4. Updated, I had the details of 5 & 6 round the wrong way.
  5. Here are the details and pictures of the three yearling cocks, all bred from the stock birds listed above. No 5 Dark W/F 579 – Bred from my top Virtue stock birds. Sire: No 2 listed above. Dam: No 3 listed above. 579 is a winner of 16th Federation, 14th Open Scottish Central Combine Leicester 2015; 7th Federation, 9th Region D, 125th Open SNFC Billericay 2015. No 6 Dark Cheq 580 – Bred from my top Virtue stock birds (nest mate to 579 above). Sire: No 2 listed above. Dam: No 3 listed above. 580 is a winner of 25th Open Scottish Central Combine Leicester 2015; 2nd Club, 2nd Federation Leicester 2015 (beat by loft mate when we took 1st & 2nd Federation). No 7 Cheq Pied 3619 – Bred from my top Virtue stock birds. Sire: No 1 listed above. Dam: No 4 listed above. 3619 was only lightly raced as he was intended for stock. Price: No 5 & 6 £60 each, No 7 £75. First come first served. PM if interested.
  6. 1 & 4 are now sold. 2 & 3 still available.
  7. I will also be selling three yearling cocks bred from these stock birds......stunners!! Ideal for stock or racing........should settle easy enough. I'll post the details and pictures later today. First come first served.
  8. I must admit, he is a belter and if circumstance had been different these birds wouldn't be for sale. Both pairs have bred birds to score in Club, Fed, Combine and National racing.......all yearlings.
  9. As part of our clearance sale I would like to offer the following birds direct from Peter Virtue of Cockburnspath. Peter is a multiple 1st Open National winner with SNRPC & SNFC. These birds are bred from the best of his Jan Aarden based bloodlines and are all still in their prime. No 1 - Cheq Pied Cock – 2013 Direct son from his No1 stock cock – sire, g/sire, g/g/sire of 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 11th, 12th, 12th, 13th, 13th etc…Open in National racing. He is a g/g/son from “Invincible Spiritâ€. He was paired to a daughter of champion “Padfields Invincible†winner of 3rd Open BICC Pau, 2nd Open BICC Barcelona, 33rd Open BBC Sansebastain also won six meritorious awards 600 – 750 miles when paired to “Nellies Lelly†daughter of 1st Open Barcelona. No 2 Dark Cheq Cock – 2013 The sire of this quality cock is one of Peter’s stock cocks being a sire of Club & Federation prize winners. This is no surprise when you look at the G/Sire who was a top racer, accumulating the following National prizes – 2nd, 4th, 18th, 19th, 47th, 104th Open. He was in turn paired to a G/Daughter of “Sarina†1st Open International Barcelona Hens, with her sire costing £13,000. Dam of this Dark Cheq cock is a G/Daughter of “Invincible Spiritâ€. She is responsible for five birds to score from Reims and one from Arras, all with the SNRPC. This cock oozes class. No 3 Cheq Pied Hen – 2013 The sire & dam of this lovely hen are both top performers for Peter in National racing, winners of numerous top Open prizes, and responsible for winners. This is no surprise when you look at the pedigree; it is full of top performance National pigeons. One of which being a cock he calls the “Blair & Brodie Cockâ€, winner of 1st Open Arras SNRPC plus numerous other top open prizes. You just have to take a look at the pedigree of this hen to see she is bred in the purple, full of top 10 Open prizes in National racing with both the SNFC and SNRPC. Both Sire & Dam contain the best of Peter’s National winning bloodlines. No 4 Cheq Pied Hen – 2013 Granddaughter of one of his top racers/breeders “Tufty†winner of 12th Open, 13th Open, 32nd Open, 34th Open, 62nd Open SNRPC…..sire, g/sire, g/g/sire of National prize winners. On the dams side she is a granddaughter of “Lady Jane†winner of 2nd Open, 9th Open, 20th Open & 50th Open SNRPC. This hen’s pedigree is full of top National performing pigeons, including “Virtues Prideâ€, “Dark Charmerâ€, and “Virtues Joy†winners of numerous top National prizes. Both Sire & Dam contain the best of Peter’s National winning bloodlines. Distance bloodlines at their very best. Original pedigrees provided. We decided 2015 would be our last year racing after 30 plus years, otherwise these birds would not be available. Our loss is your gain!! Enquiries by PM please……thanks
  10. Happy Birthday Jumbo, hope you have a great day Are these perches part of your birthday?
  11. As our birds complete their moult we have started to turn our attention to the birds we will be looking to sell as we are no longer racing, therefore only a few favourites will be retained. When looking through the remaining birds, I was pleased to see there are at least 10 'individual' 1st Federation winners, with a few being multiple prize winners. All this from a small team of racers housed in a 18 x 6 loft. Out of curiosity, how many individual 1st Federation winners are currently housed in your loft?
  12. It's my boys that were selling the owls, not me Paul. That would be great if you decide to race next year, unfortunately I won't be there to experience it
  13. I would like to say a MASSIVE THANKS to High Flyers Courier for a 1st class job. How is this for a fantastic service? Arranged the pick up/delivery on Monday, uplifted the birds on Wednesday in Edinburgh and delivered them to Essex on Thursday. Don't think you'll get much better than that........thanks guys! Alb, Colin.
  14. No more available for the time being.
  15. That's me sorted guys....much appreciated for your help. Cheers, Colin.
  16. Any takers? You won't be disappointed with these birds.......that's for sure!!
  17. I'm looking for a telephone nos/contact name for a courier that could pick up & deliver birds this week to the Essex area. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Colin.
  18. These ybs would grace any sprint/middle distance loft in the UK today. One off special price : £75 each. First come first served. PM if interested.
  19. Nope, the boys bought some others in last year, 3 off which carded at Blackpool in January. Anyway, when was the last time you needed a trapper?
  20. No problem......I thought it might be. Alb, Colin.
  21. The parents were bred for stock and gifted to a friend as ybs, who unfortunately had to give the birds up, hence the reason they came back to me. I know in their first season at stock they bred birds to win 2nd & 9th Fed for a friend of theirs in the Plymouth area, and birds to be consistent at One Loft racing. These bloodlines are performing everywhere they go......that's how good they are. We have never owned a better line of sprint/middle distance pigeons.
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