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  1. I will accept the first offer of £200 for the two cocks, or will sell separately. Roundo.
  2. Pedigrees and pictures are available if anyone requires to see them. There has already been some good interest for these birds, but nothing confirmed as of yet. Roundo.
  3. Birds have been sold. Roundo.
  4. Unfortunately I find myself with more stock cocks that I have room for. So I have reluctantly decided to sell one or two direct M&D Evans cock birds. There maybe some others but at the moment they are '05 bred birds and will be supplied with full original pedigrees. For more info and price please PM. If requested I will mail a copy of the peds. Please please genuine callers only.
  5. Heathcote I did notice that.............unbelievable. Did you have a look at M&D's site on their own auction?? I believe there is another auction coming up very soon. Roundo.
  6. I've sent you a pm. Roundo.
  7. I've had lots of interest for this pair but as of yet they are still available. First reasonable offer made tonight and they'll be sold. You can check on M&D Evan's website on the auction birds and you will see how much these birds are selling for and these ones are off the same lines. Roundo.
  8. PM with your email address and I'll send you pics. Regards, Roundo.
  9. Reasonable offer for the pair will be accepted. Pictures of the birds can be supplied if requested. PM for more details. Roundo
  10. These birds are still available. The first offer of £120 will be accepted. Genuine fanciers only please. Roundo
  11. For a quick sale I'll accept £150 ono for the pair. These birds are certainly bred for the job. Roundo.
  12. Due to time wasters............Pair of Gaby's direct from Mrs C.Lycett & Son stock. Blue Bar Cock Sire: GB.04.P.48116 (Direct son of "The Assassin" paired to a Dtr of "Benetton" & "Saffron". Dam: GB.04.P.48140 (Direct Dtr of "Queen of Diamonds Cock" & "Goldgem") G/Parents: "Shadow", "Ebony", "Benetton", "Saffron", "Devon", "Blauwen Nat" & "National Girl" Blue Bar Hen Sire: GB.04.P.48141 (Direct son of "Queen of Diamonds" & "Goldgem") Dam: GB.04.H.84840 (Direct Dtr of "Hillcroft Sensation" & "Hagrid's Sister") G/Parents: "The Golden Hen", "Benetton", "Devon", "Blauwen Nat" & National Girl" Both were bred this year (July) Price - Offers for the pair. Genuine interest only please.
  13. Does anyone know of any reliable source for quality Rietvinks. I've had a look about and there doesn't seem to be much in the press. I'd appreciate any help at all. Thanks, Roundo.
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