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  1. That belongs me could you send me your phone number please
  2. Hi Andy Burgess could you pm me your phone number please
  3. It’s an earlston bird a have let the owner no thanks
  4. That's me home if you want to pm details
  5. Am near duns but won't be home till after 6 pm could help after that
  6. Came in last night - telephone number ring on the bird - number just going to answer machine.
  7. I have collected this bird from a non-fancier tonight in Duns (Scottish Borders) - SU15 ML2025. Does it belong anyone on here?
  8. Can anyone help. I've had a bird reported with a Non-Fancier in Newbury and need to get it back to the Scottish Borders. I've tried 3 couriers so far and can't get it collected until Wednesday at the earliest, can anyone recommend a courier?
  9. SU13 SB982 belongs to me - could you pm me your phone number please
  10. GB2002 E97169 found in street
  11. Council road man for nearly 20yr - snow plough driver when required
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