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  1. Nothing more still just the 2
  2. After the troubles iv had so far it surley is. Just got to move on and rebuild look forward to moving into my own place and get the doos in my own garden!
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated
  4. Just a quick one to all the members of the North of Scotland Fed, how was your returns on Saturday? I sent my full team of 8ybs of which 5 had their first race front brechin the week before we took 3rd club. Strathkinness is 70mile to Mt loft, I got my first and only bird of the day 3h and 20mins after the lib I then got my second bird about 11am on the Saturday and nothing else all my pigeons have telephone rings on them yet no calls eventually my young bird season finished only 2 races in, I know a club mate from inverurie is also still awaiting about 50% of his team, would be good to know how everyone else got on Cheers Craig
  5. I can get it for you mate I stay in inverurie
  6. For everyone's information what Chris Donaldson is talking about happened over 8 years ago when I was a young lad 15-16 year old and had no sense. To stick me with that brush 8 years later is unbelievable, I have obtained Chris's phone number and tried to phone him countless amounts of time for an explanation to his very childish and abrupt message above as to which I have no response just wanted to clear that up
  7. Colin i have sent you a private message
  8. Hi all, Been really unlucky with my ybs f9r starting off racing this year, I lost my full first team due to some sort of predator getting in my shed and wiping me out. I rebuilt from there and got a new team of 19 from which I am left with only 9 due to losses from top of loft and and a couple through illness I was wondering if anyone around the Aberdeenshire or down to Lanarkshire area would have any spare birds I could obtain to strengthen my team. I understand that the 8 I have left will race just fine but I made a promise to a very special person in my life that I'd won the yb nation one day and would like to give my self the best chance to compete every year. TIA Craig
  9. Hey Dale thansk for the offer, successful or not I'd enjoy a visit, i enjoy seeing other people's set ups and seeing how they do things. I'll give you a call tomorrow night
  10. Hi Alex, I'll be heading down to my parents in Glasgow to stay the night on Thursday before coming to Blackpool Friday so could collect oj the way past, ill message you my phone number to better arrange Craig
  11. Hey I live in inverurie, Aberdeenshire so North of Scotland. And thanks ill have a wee read through both of them.
  12. Could possibly fit them in my van mate can check in the morning if helpful
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