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  1. so what your saying it cures a virus then
  2. WeeDa


    never spoke about the man in mylife have only ever met him once at youtr place member :001:
  3. WeeDa


    no relation and dont want to be either :001:
  4. sorry john need hen now spar hen killed one of my hens today
  5. WeeDa

    Canary Cage Fronts

    sent yi a message
  6. what does this actually do for the pigeons and has anyone any proof what it does
  7. did yi git yir white hen got a good kitkpatrick based hen if yi want her
  8. WeeDa


    just for you lad member and turn up
  9. WeeDa


    got the beating of your lot as well :001: :001:
  10. its far to cauld to pair up yasel never mind pigeons best luck nip yir gonna need to keep all them babies if we dont get any racing and that just might happen
  11. WeeDa


    :001: :001: :001: 55 is on its way geo
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