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  1. the best of luck to you Mr Garvie in your new adventure and nice gesture to give away your birds to all who want them.
  2. it would be nice to finish the old bird campaign with a good race and some fair weather, i believe the medals on offer are of the highest quality so good luck to all competing.
  3. sorry should have said the only thing good about the meeting was the route change. Will give the youngsters a chance.
  4. the answer to that "me" Is he was abandoned or as some others would say stabbed in the back. Informed at meeting on Sunday he was banned for one year then gets offical correspondence from shu informing him it is now 2 years, must have been the accountant that typed it out.
  5. "alf" be careful as today it is vince hendry but who knows who is next, as i asked earlier who runs your fed..?
  6. I said this earlier and some boffin locked the post must be scared of the truth.
  7. Bart my good man I am glad to be away from it (shu) never known of any organisation to be so shambolically officiated. The members are treated like mushrooms... Kept in the dark and fed on manure. Will the members of lanarkshire stand up and be counted if there is any wrong doing in this suspension or will apathy rule again. But who will be next vince hendry today but who tomorrow.... Gone on for too long this campaign of banning and suspending those who dare to question. Why does mr Kelly have to be a delagte and why are they desperate to have him there.....ask yourselves that and who runs the fed anyway the members and their elected officials or the shu......?
  8. if i remember correctly the shu has a habbit of suspending problem fanciers just before important meetings and votes. i wonder how they will resolve the current legal proceedings involving last years president and his partnership, so much for loyal servant and honourable leader.. 6 months on and he cant get into renfrew fed so its off to see the solicitor..........normal service it appears has resummed, just glad to be away from it all.
  9. clockman it would all depend on who told you and how qualified they were to make that statement. dont know much about the composition of the moon other that it is bright unlike yourself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;D. now the statement on the losses incurred at the race in question came from a member of the committee. now i know there were some problems with the logistics of this race with a truck running out of fuel etc but how can any organisation take that many birds to an inland race and loose money, surely has to be a mistake made somewhere or have costs rocketed out of control.
  10. just heard some very worrying news regarding the newbury race and it would appear the flying club despite carrying all the feds with them have lost money on this race, how can this be. alledgedly it was thousands and not hunderds but how if the birdage was so big, anyone able to explain how this could possibly occur
  11. it was still nice to get some information on the birds history and the story of how she won out to the public so soon, keep up the good work all concerned.
  12. well not entirely true big stuart she did time a 1st national winner ha ha.. i would bet also there has been a few occasions when you had to call on the good lady to feed or water the birds. behind every dedicated pigeon fancier is a supportive and understanding family because of the time it consumes so lets give this lady her moment of glory also, after all it cannot be easy running the house, looking after the kids and CLOCKING THE NATIONAL WINNING PIGEON..............sorry had to get it in again stuart. well done to you and your family i hope it is the first of many for you.
  13. now this is what you call a top class performance and it is all the better when you hear it was a family effort. Well done to mr & mrs stuart mullen.
  14. do you both comminucate in a different langauge to the rest of us.
  15. cheq pied i remember a case from your area involving a mr campbell if i am not mistaken, and if i remember he had a lot of positions and had access to all he needed to carry out his desperate deeds.
  16. I agree with the sentiments that there can be no place in our sport for cheats and their assistants but please remember you must follow the proper procedure and cross all the t`s and dot all the i`s. There are so many different stories of what he is supposed to have done and how he is supposed to have done it, they cant all be true. If he is flying to another loft where is it nobody has mentioned this if the rubbers were handed back by whom...? when you make accusations you must have all the facts and all the answers because if not you are just speculating. now before anyone jumps all over me here i have not seen the evidence nor do i know the man in question and have an open mind on the whole issue but i will say this again you must follow the correct procedures. this must start at club level then fed then union, now it looks from what gareth is saying that the flying club have washed their hands of it or are either afraid to tackle the issue which has angered the members. the nw fed officials look as if they are following the stance of the flying club and hoping it all washes out again to the anger of its members. where it all ends nobody knows, but nobody wins, flying club name and reputation in the gutter, club and fed name in the gutter, man involved name and reputation in the gutter, fanciers in scotland ...............you guessed it.
  17. good luck to all waiting on birds from france this weekend hopefully the returns will be good.
  18. what I am having difficulty in understanding here is the claims being made by some of these men of integrity and maybe my stand point is different to others but i will explain. as the claims state "he has been at it for years" etc etc now if a man with even a ounce of self respect and integrity knew another was cheating or at it for years why on earth would he continue to send his birds to the same racepoints on the same transporter as the person he knows is at it. because if this individual is at it then surely by sending your birds and paying your pool money you are hypocrites. your bird is beat before the strings are cut and you still send. Maybe if enough of you were men enough to make a stand and say no i am not sending until this matter is cleared up one way or another it would not have rumbled on this long. Just look at the fortunes of both flying clubs this week one breaking new ground with its transport plans, an organisation on the up in all departments, forward thinking with what can only be described as a great club spirit within. Then read this thread about the other, the snfc was a club you would have been proud to belong too a few years ago but recently it is a laughing stock staggering from one crisis to another without any direction and totally devoid of leadership. my old partner now calls it the inland national, but he liked the water races and we only started racing when we hit the coast for him. something needs to be done one way or the other but will it.
  19. "I" believe a young Jos Thone would cycle to the lofts of Jan Grondalaers to just watch his birds train and on race days watch with many others as they arrived home, believe before jan passed away he became very friendly with the young Mr Thone.
  20. bhoy oh bhoy lots of dirty washing being aired by the kirky club. but something that "I" dont understand is why did the club remain without a fed for 3 years...............were glasgow not good enough then............................and why did lanarkshire refuse entry and then transport facilities, maybe gareth can ask all the lanarkshire members to post up their reasons for refusing .................surely lanarkshire would relish having the prestiege of a multi winning section winner in their ranks ......... or maybe they were "feert" of the competition. any truth in the rumour that midland have called a meeting and kirky are not invited...................................
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