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  1. Jim it`s an Avonbridge ring. Secretary Jo Graham 01324 861596
  2. jake12

    Su20L 13165

    Just back in from collecting a young Bl C from a non fancier. SU20L 13165 he`s well flown out but seems ok, the lady had been feeding him after he walked into her sitting room. If I don`t hear different i`ll put him in the stray basket. Maybe the owner could give the lady a call and thank her. Her phone No is 07368656928 A McGonigal Sec Stenhousemuir H.S. PS bird has an ETS ring on.
  3. A good friend for thirty years, rest in peace Tommy.
  4. The club base station is needing a new battery, so I emailed Unikon for a return number. Their reply was " cost £123:00 plus delivery and a possible return time of 3 - 5 weeks". I am sure it used to be that when the warning came up on the screen you had a bit of time before it really needed changing. This time, no such thing, it loses everything as soon as you take the clock out. A McGonigal, Sec Stenhousemuir H.S.
  5. Happy Birthday guys :emoticon-0167-beer:
  6. John`s number is 01343 820716.
  7. I met Evan Stewart this morning and collected the Birds for Pentland, Dunbar, Fife, Central and North West. I brought them back to my garage and fed watered and checked them over and can say they were in good shape. My club president is going to Pencaitland tomorrow morning and will liberate them as near to their area as possible. I noted all the birds except one had ETS rings. Thanks to Evan for collecting the birds from Raymond White at Gretna and bringing them up. Evan took care of the ones for Burnbank & Ayrshire. (He collects strays and gets them home often) The bird for me had part of her wing and tail missing. So thanks again guys. :emoticon-0167-beer:
  8. Raymond phoned me to say Mr E Stewart will collect the birds on Sat. He is taking care of the Ayrshire birds and I will meet with him to get any others and liberate them as near to their area as possible (Weather permitting) and providing that the birds are fit to home thanks.
  9. Raymond White, Gretna has some Scottish birds that were dropped off to him. SU19P 2729 (T McLeod) * SU19P 3895 (E/Houses) * SU19P 8065 (Danderhall) * SU19P 680 (Woodburn) * GB19S 03170 & 03235 (Dunbar) SU19-921 (R.Reid) * SU18AN 2120 (Y/ling) * SU19L 8308 (Burnbank) * SU19CA 2670 (Newbridge) * SU19NW 1782 (Airth) * If anyone can bring these birds up from Gretna we can liberate the near to their area. None of the birds are showing any sign of injury. A McGonigal. Stenhousemuir HS.
  10. Well done Ogilvie Lofts & the rest of the guys on result
  11. 1. J Urquhart 1029 2. A McGonigal 898 3. A McGonigal 898 4. A McGonigal 898 5. B Stewart 858 Well done Jim. Returns just over 50%
  12. Well done Andrew & his Papa
  13. 1. A McGonigal 1510 2. A McGonigal 1509 3. A McGonigal 1499 4. A McGonigal 1436 5. A McGonigal 1423
  14. With Unikon ETS rings you can find out who it`s registered to by asking a club sec to try and register it. (It shows the loft No of the fancier it was registered before, and that has to be deleted before it can be registered to anyone else.)
  15. Well done Ogilvie Lofts and the rest of the guys on the sheet
  16. 1.A McGonigal 1056 2.A McGonigal 1048 3.A McGonigal 1044 4.A McGonigal 981 5.J Urquhart 956
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