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  1. 1. A McGonigal 1344 2. A McGonigal 1317 3. B Stewart 1310 4. A McGonigal 1297 5. E McInnes 1288
  2. Hi Walter, it`s the older version of E.C.Software I have but I reckon it should be the same as newer versions. You must have birds entered on the system, THEN CLICK Bird up the top left hand corner. THE DROP DOWN BOX WILL SHOW OPTIONS. CLICK VACCINATE and the Vacc/box will show.Fill in the top half then press CHOOSE BIRDS TO VACCINATE.The birds list will show on the left box. You just highlight the RING No of the bird then press the ARROW THAT POINTS TO THE BOX ON THE RIGHT. When you have moved over the birds that you want shown on the Vacc/Cert you see a box along the bottom that says PRINT FILLED SHEET. That should be it. Hope this helps
  3. Well done Murray & Mills, England. First place in the semi-final @ 230 km. Wuldon is first Scotland and 19th Open. Well done Wullie.
  4. Sorry to hear this sad news, he was a gentleman. Condolences to Wullie, Paul and Families. Allan.
  5. If you type Koopman Pigeons into your search engine you will get their history. "Koopman history 80 years" I see Mariman and Janssen are mentioned at the start. Good luck.
  6. Well done Duncan & Chuck, Wee Rab & Angus & Allan. :emoticon-0167-beer:
  7. Well done Ogilvie Lofts & the rest of the guys that made the result
  8. 1. A McGonigal 1018 2. B Stewart 934 3. B Stewart 934 4. B Stewart 932 Returns not good. Me 3/9, Bryan 7/16. Doc Lynch 1/11
  9. Well done Rab and the rest of the guys
  10. 1. A McGonigal 1039 2. A McGonigal 989 3. A McGonigal 977 4. B Stewart 935 5. B Stewart 931 Returns terrible, Me 10/24 Bryan 12/20 about 1/3 of the birds home.
  11. Well done Ogilvie Lofts & Andrew, also Jamie, Duncan & Chuck, great team flying.
  12. 1. A McGonigal 1187 2. A McGonigal 1187 3. B Stewart 1184 4. A McGonigal 1176 5. B Stewart 1151 Returns in club, me 25/28 Bryan 19/20 rest of guys 50-60%
  13. Well done Andrew & Papa, great flying
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