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  1. All, I have emailed Club/Federation officials in the above areas enquiring if their members would be interested in racing a series of 3 x Old Bird races as a combine for the 2023 season. This would be in a similar vain to the old Amalgamation from the late 90s early 2000s, with the result being calculated at each Club/Federation level, then an overall Combine result will be produced by myself or the Pentland Federation. The birds would be transported by the Pentland Fed transporter which holds standard style panniers as used by the majority of Federations. Our transporter is currently being altered to accommodate the slightly wider baskets that some Federations presently use. There is capacity for 208 panniers giving a possible convoy of over 5000 birds. It is hoped dependant again on interest the first 2 x races would cost a maximum 50p per pigeon and £1 for the last/longest race. Pick up/ferrying & loading points will be discussed with interested parties at a later date. Sponsorship for the Best Average and Ace Pigeon over the 3 races has already been confirmed if this were to go ahead. Any feedback or thoughts will be greatly welcomed and discussed with all parties. The dates and races would be weather permitting from: Sat 27thMay: Melton Mowbray approx. 240 miles. Basket Fri 26thMay (times to be agreed by all interested parties). Sat June 3rd Kettering approx. 267 miles. Basket Fri 2ndJune (times to be agreed by all interested parties). Sat June 17th Maidstone 363 miles or Plumpton 380 miles if available T.B.C. Basket Friday June 16thfor departure mid- afternoon, again to be agreed by all interested parties. (All distances are approx to the Edinburgh area). These races would be open to all S.H.U members within the boundaries of the following Clubs & Federations including individual members providing they have basketting facilities through one of these organisations & flown under S.H.U rules. Pentland Hills Midlothian East of Scotland Scottish Borders Traprain Central Almond Valley Fauldhouse North West Fife Dundee Angus Aberdeen (Awaiting a contact email address Anyone on here who has it can you forward on, thanks).
  2. Well done all PHF - Otterburn 230422.pdf
  3. Well done all NL - Wetherby 050921.pdf
  4. Well done all PHF Y.B.-Catterick 280821.pdf
  5. 5/167 1.S.GIRDWOOD 1390.75 2.S.GIRDWOOD 1390.02 3.S.GIRDWOOD 1387.89 4.S.GIRDWOOD 1361.44 5.MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1360.64 6.S.GIRDWOOD 1360.46 7.I.SUMMERS 1338.83 8.I.SUMMERS 1338.69 9.MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1332.84 0.S.GIRDWOOD 1332.66
  6. Any organisation wishing transportation for a race from Catterick this weekend 28/8 and Wetherby the following weekend 4/9 with the Pentland Hills Federation contact Helen Aitken on 0131 665 3657 or Freddie Robertson on 07387 190860.
  7. It was a Danderhall club race which they are entitled to do. In the business world it would be known as “sharp practise†to try and get an edge on the federation members who don’t have the facility to emulate. All geared towards hours on the wing for the YBN. Good luck to all 😉
  8. Well done all PHF Y.B.-Otterburn (2) 140821.pdf
  9. 6/236 1.A.MILLER 1299.73 2.I.SUMMERS 1296.86 3.MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1282.19 4.MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1280.54 5.I.SUMMERS 1276.13 6.A.MILLER 1269.48 7.S.GIRDWOOD 1269.29 8.S.GIRDWOOD 1268.14 9.S.GIRDWOOD 1267.21 10.S.GIRDWOOD 1267.21
  10. It is with a heavy heart to post the sad news that Pentland Fed stalwart Bobby Graham passed away this morning after a short illness. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.
  11. 5/77 1.R.BREMNER 1256.64 2.MR&MRS KEENAN 1256.19 3.MR&MRS KEENAN 1255.96 4.I.SUMMERS 1161.81 5.MR&MRS KEENAN 1150.13 6.MR&MRS KEENAN 1149.75 7.MR&MRS KEENAN 1148.24 8.R.BREMNER 1146.96 9.I.SUMMERS 1131.07 10.R.BREMNER 1125.52 OTHER MEMBERS MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1044.15 R.MARINELLO 1027.61
  12. This weekends first young bird race from Otterburn is cancelled due to the weather forecast of full cloud cover and thunderstorms
  13. Well done laddie ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ†
  14. Amended Pools PHF -Billiericay 190621 (Amended).pdf
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