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  1. Some excellent performances and also R J Rittersma sitting 2nd international flying 744 miles. This fancier won 1st Int Agen 2013.
  2. Fife Fed YB Coldstream 2 Delayed 24 hours
  3. Well done Davey :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  4. Well done Willie :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  5. Pego


    Well done, cracking performance :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  6. Well done guys :emoticon-0137-clapping: some valiant pigeons into the north section in another very hard race.
  7. Clocked at 09-53. This bird already has tickets from Huntingdon and Eastbourne this year
  8. 300 members sent 1273 birds - Section A - 210; Section B - 242; Section C - 178; Section D - 131; Section E - 367; Section F - 54; Section G - 91
  9. Well done :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  10. Well done on another excellent performance :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  11. Pego

    Cal 50

    Well done :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  12. Pego

    Jim Moffat

    Well done :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  13. Well done whitty :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  14. Pego


    Well done all who timed we have 3 out of 4 here. Only my pooler to come
  15. Pego

    Su19 F 2088

    Cheers mate this is my bird and is all sorted.
  16. Delighted to find out we have won 1st open SNFC Maidstone :emoticon-0123-party: Our good pied hen now named WILMA after my mother will now also qualify for a Bronze Award.
  17. Well done guys :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  18. Glad to time a good one but only 4/26 for returns
  19. Well done Stuart and Scot :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  20. Fife Fed Alnwick 34/34 within a hour of first bird. Well done to race control team :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  21. Well done Brian, good blue doo does it again :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  22. Fife Fed libbed 8-45 Alnwick
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