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  1. Su21F 2980 Been hawked but ok Found on neighbours window sill 07770826175
  2. Su21L3084 Su21P724 Came in Friday nite
  3. 2 Lanarkshire birds in 21L3179 21L6099 In avonbridge 07770826175
  4. daviddooman


    In avonbridge the nite L2841. &2845 07770826175
  5. Nothing to do with transporter The weather and atmosphere caused the problem s Yesterday Only last year everybody on here say s there Doo s We’re immaculate last year when came home So the transporter changed in a year The wee national had a terrible race too What kind of transporter do they use
  6. Anybody help with pigeon with non-fancier in Whitehaven Cumbria Thanks David
  7. 12/26 Armadale and north-west Shocking
  8. Looking for advice I ve got 2 lofts across from each in my garden Can I use 2 base stations one in each loft and 1 Pocket clock
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