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  1. in today tyneside at 3.30 blue pied su 12 ca 3233 double rubbered belongs central fed bit thin but ok unable to make number out on stamp cheers
  2. mic m

    Su 12 F 2890

    in tonight su 12 f 2890 cheq on tyneside bit down but ok will try to move it further on later in the week cheers but if anyones collecting just get in touch
  3. mic m

    Su 10 Ml 1383

    tried the number 5 times cut off everytime it rang any other contact for this club cheers
  4. su 10 ml 1383 blue w with ets and rubbered injury to its side currently locked up cheers
  5. libbed early on near otterburn after being fattened up su 11 af 1910 chek cock su 11 af 2052 chek w hen su 11 nw 2786 blue c no electronic or rubber with a bit of luck they get back up there to fight another day cheers
  6. hi im looking for help to see if anyone in the sheffield area could possibly pick up a pigeon from a non fancier and give a few days recoup this pigeon located at a buisness address jessops riverside brightside lane sheffield im currently trying to confirm its in a box jusy waiting for a reply from them thanks
  7. anybody travelling to the leeds/m62 area from newcastle need help moving 3 strays down that way will drop off locally just pm anytime cheers
  8. sorted correct owner informed j k hope benwell hs passed your phone number on to them cheers
  9. mic m

    Su Strays

    anyone picking up strays from newcastle area currently have 9 few others knocking about will put numbers up later+sorry will not pass on to transporters after reading other post cheers
  10. cheers for giving it a chance owner informed thanks e vasey scotswood hs
  11. su 10 L 18171 check w/f in at 2pm bit down and waterlogged will lib when weather clears this bird is on tyneside cheers
  12. mic m

    Whu Notice

    just been told of the whu stopping racing this week due to problems with birds ie sickness and fatalities can be verified on the whu web site i thought members would like to know cheers
  13. this is a question to all do you think we are being ripped off with the cost of buying treatments for the birds whether it be for the basics or other ive just bought a cocci/canker treatment for around 8 quid from europe now the same item in a corn shop 3 mile away 15 pounds rip off or what any input to the question cheers
  14. hi yes cheers to kenny 4 of my strays will be going with him bigally your bird will be going also its not our job to ring owners theres plenty more su on these allotments just getting hold of them then they will be going north
  15. this is another one to my list su 11 nw 3530 flown out is anyone picking birds up anytime would be nice to get them away cheers
  16. 3 scotch strays in the past hour blue su 11 df 2512 blue w/f su 11 p 2248 chek su 11 ml 1498/ will phone ml pigeon these are on tyneside plenty more hanging round cheers
  17. su 09 ab 300 in today no race rubber or ets just red plastic clip ring looks like its been out a while
  18. hi ive a pigeon here looking for a lift home anyone travelling south to birmingham from tyneside this pigeon has overshot the mark and on the wrong coastline any takers please its pointless tossing it out any help welcome i believe it was racing from poole cheers mick
  19. mic m


    hi does anyone know if terry markwich from dunoon argyle is on this site cheers
  20. mic m


    hi i am looking for a couple of wildemeersch for stock or if anyone has something spare will pay carrage please p m cheers mick
  21. i wish to thank two members on here kenny/hjaltland and robert/undertaker and wife for the return of one of my pigeons what these two have done is a credit to the sport,this pigeon lost its way a little bit from clermont old bird racing weeks ago ended up in lewick in the shetlands near 1000 miles from the race point,kenny got him first and done a good job trying to get a lift south thats where robert took over this gentleman travelled south from lewick with an overnight ferry 180 miles of water today going to suffolk met up with robert after 1 30 5 min chat thanked him and his wife and he was back off down the motorway thanks for all the help most gratefull mick mc.
  22. where are you ,is it dudley in the north east cheers
  23. hi mate my stock went the sam way wet droppings then pure water,young dying in the nest then watching birds go down hill fast,within the week twelve dead,took two live for testing for culture tests,10 day wait the vet confirmed pmv,what a nightmare,currently quarintined comming out of the disease now,but hit my ybirds after 3 weeks of keeping it out,lost half y birds,so much for injecting,19 left and a few with the side effects,they need to be sorted soon,dont listen to anyone but the vet treat with a high dose antibiotic and electrolytes get a test done it only cost me 21 pound and dont treat for something they dont have like them that dont know what it is. cheers hope you get it sorted. pigeon men dont know everything
  24. mic m

    Lost And Found

    cheers kenny just sent a e mail cheers mic m mileage around 1000 depends if you like the a1 or m6
  25. mic m

    Lost And Found

    hi redcheq hen your correct,i think hes going to try and get it south some way just checked the daft thing flew about 1000 miles must of been in 6th gear
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