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  1. mic m

    SU 22 G 1302

    Cannot access your message mate 07518165609👍
  2. mic m

    Su 22 P 444

    Picked up today SU 22 P 444 run down currently in newcastle👍
  3. Found today SU 21 NW 2521 dead on roadside rings returned if required ets red plastic cheers
  4. Message sent cheers
  5. Su 21 df 1742 run down but ok In Newcastle, Blaydon area👍
  6. mic m

    SU 18 5070

    In yesterday SU 18 5070 in newcastleðŸ‘
  7. mic m

    Su Strays

    Burnhope Swalwell area
  8. mic m

    Su Strays

    Su 18 L 13271 Su 20 P 4270 GB 20 S 02665 In Newcastle at present possible from the 100s flying around burnbope
  9. mic m

    Su Strays X 2

    su 09 sorted the other 2 will be libbed tomorrow near edinburgh zoo tomorow morning
  10. someones favorite SU 09 P 3495 in newcastle at present flown out cheers other bird su 12 p 7589 plus su 14 f 2241
  11. mic m

    Su 11 L Stray

    re pigeon first question why did i let it go answer,why not at work no means of containment ie box pigeon was not in any distress it was not found it was waiting for a feed like hundreds of others 2nd question why did i not take it to bird sanctuary or wildlife place are you having a laugh the pigeon is hawking about the town centre because people feed them what do you think happens to yours when they go missing does the owner want it back not likley could of been missing 3 years and 40 quid saved next time i dont think id bother typical scotchman if it was mine at least i knew what happened to it be thankfull i reported it instead of necking it you should be thanking me for being bothered, numptys
  12. mic m

    Su 11 L Stray

    finally this is the pigeon in question cheers
  13. just thought youd like to know what happens to some pigeons,caught the other day in newton aycliffe shopping centre durham su 11 L 10706 outside greggs if the picture loads up you can see the injury this pigeon has aquired in good condition just took the number then let it go the owner i believe has been informed by the fed sec cheers picture not loading sorry this bird has one leg missing above the joint old injury
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