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Flying Together

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Matthew just keep cocks in there section with nest boxs so they can claim a box for next years ybs and hens in another section if u have one for them or just put them mixed we ybs until u decide what yor doing ie get a little shed for ybs only or hens depending on how many birds u have ie stock and race birds keep up the good work matthew everydays a new learning basis we the doos even old men who have had them over 50yrs iin there own words say they are still learning something new about the sport hope all works out fine for you matthew ABT kenny

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Matthew a tip when your old birds moulting put a cardboard box in a corner with the lid cut off and most of the feathers will end up inside the box and put some hemp seeds in there feed once or twice a week it helps in the most all the best in rest of the young bird racing

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