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Looking For A Little Help On A Couple Strains


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hello i have a marcel sangers cock bird he as bred me some good pigeons a couple have toped won in the club and ben in top20 of the fed not good enuff for some people but im happy with that he is paired to a vanreet hen , so my question is were would i got for either good marcel sanger pigeons in the uk ? or vanreets i will hopfully be trying to get some latbred for stock if possible or i may just buy ybs then race them see what i have as the end but any help would be great

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i really dont follow strains allthough 1 or 2 different strains have done better in my lofts than others


winners where they live how much time do they put into there birds what are there lofts like how do i rate the people they race against and are they wanting to acheive the same goal as in all wanting to win the race there in


big numbers can be deceiving

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