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Club Folded?

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I hear tale that yet another club has folded. This being Edinburgh South pigeon club. I wonder how true that is ... seems a sign of the times only too often now.

Then one hears that STILL clubs refuse new members, or take other clubs / members birds as trainers etc. Yet they plead poverty.

Like when we ask 'names' to donate birds for club / Fed raiser and members don't even bother to attend. Not even to have a drink and socialise, which would please the venue too! Then would be donators are called if they refuse to donate a 'Worthy Cause' spouting it wouldn't hurt them etc. Likewise it would hurt members to turn up and support, even if not interested in buying, or not able to donate. Yet the same folks bend over backwards to support other good causes eh!

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Yes its sad and a sign of the times. Pigeon Fanciers dont help their selves though. Too many just sit back and moan at absolutely everything instead of getting of their backsides and either do something or support something. The appathy amoung fanciers (grown men) is nothing short of pathetic and it drives me up the wall. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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