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Social networking websites are all the rage! MySpace has 154,000,000 members, Facebook 16,000,000, etc. Most of the sites give the ability to create a 'group'; we should find these groups, or set them up and promote our sport on what may be the biggest shop window in the world.


My personal favourite is Facebook which is now available for anyone to sign up. I've created a group 'Pigeons' at http://standrews.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2219409975 join ;D


If you are a member of any of the other sites; search for a pigeon group; if there isnt one create one and tell us about it :)

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Guest youngzimmy

does anyone out there know of a pigeon fancier by the name of michael stalker & daughter from bradford yorkshire and how to get in touch with him  



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likewise with  you mate, im sure that is not your real name? at least the pete bit of mine is right lol!



yes sorry my name is not that no.. how embarrassing.. sorry its Kevin Moss.


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