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  1. I dropped 1 of mine 2nd trainer lol. and I was 13th first trainer.. its been downhill since lol
  2. No mate not this year.
  3. Hey up big man. U sober lol ðŸºðŸ»
  4. I have entered for first time this year. Still got 4/5 entries left after 6 trainers. 😀
  5. pigeonpete


    Not been on here for ages. Hope everyone is well. :-)
  6. Thought someone on here may know whos this is? in tonight. Red cock, has pink rubber on ring leg and ets on other. Fantastic condition.
  7. Watched the race live yesterday morning, great returns really, Just puzzles me as to why a few days before 700 birds were lost from a few km shorter? they cant all have been crap birds, birds looked very tired on return and trapping not great, 1 bird I watched that came with the winners, and stood there crowing around for a good 10 mins.... I would have gone mad . Birds look in great condition though. good look for the remainder of the races, whens the next ? I cant wait to watch, And will deffo have a crack at it next year. Good look wuldon. are any of the birds you got left in related to your past good bird you had? the red 1, was it big bro or something?
  8. why returns so poor today though? just a few miles further than 2 days ago? :-(
  9. Hi folks, not been on here for ages, hope your all well, will be great to catch up with some of you again, Would like to wish all of you and your families a great xmas and happy and healthy 2015 :-) All the best. Pete
  10. How do you get your birds there mate? and how much is shipping? cheers. Think I have asked you before but forgot :-)
  11. Hope your better soon and fighting fit Andy mate :-) all the best.
  12. well done mate, pleased for you, how far was gran canaria? seems a better race than the last race. did you win anything?
  13. do any birds get reported? where have the other 500 gone?
  14. is it true the rumour jam? :emoticon-0140-rofl:
  15. first impressions he a tit!! 2nd impressions he stil a knob, 3rd imprssions, he a nice bloke sorry alan couldn't resist :-)
  16. Gutted for all you guys. Especially my mate alf. Fookin scumbags. Why?????? Alf i know your peed off right now. But please dont finish. Think about it. Anyway lets get a sale going for these lads and get them up and running again. Hope the shitbags are caught to prevent happening again. Gutted!!
  17. Have just phoned the guy up dave mate. Dont know his name but its all sorted. Going to aee how the bird recovers in the next week.
  18. Ive always been strange andy mate lol. Hope your well.
  19. Birds just been collected dave mate. Its mighty thin. Not really well enough to travel just yet.
  20. sorry to say the simple answer is no they wont rear them. if they were older they would be o.k but he will sit with them 2/3 days at the most and get bored then. have you lost the latebred hens training? Cocks will still be o.k to race, but obviously if you have no hens for them they will just be celibate, or you could pair 2 cocks 2 one hen for motivation. but if the cocks are latebreds i would just leave them unpaired and go steady with them. have you no foster parents the ybs can go under?
  21. Not many winners in them andy mate, they got no heads :emoticon-0140-rofl: :emoticon-0140-rofl: hope they do you good though mate, what happened to all the whites?
  22. pigeonpete


    wish him all the best :-)
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