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Three Young Birds in Nest

Moe O'C

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I raised fancy pigeons for 35 years but cannot keep them where I now live, so I sponsor the pigeon exhibit at our small local zoo. There are 6 pairs of pigeons in a large fly-pen. So far in this year (2023), they've raised 23 young birds. Last week I noticed that one nest has 3 young birds in it. They look to be a few weeks old, and are getting ready to leave the nest. All 3 are identical to each other ( a pale gray checker color with some white flecking). It's the same color as the cock bird. None of the other birds in the pen are this color. and I believe all 3 young birds are siblings. (The hen is white with a black tail.) This pair's previous nest earlier in the year was 2 young birds ( one a solid black, the other a white bird with a crest, and a pale grayish tail.)  

I never before had a pair that laid and incubated 3 eggs all at once, or raised 3 young birds in the same nest. Has anyone else on this forum had a similar experience ?

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