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  1. Update: Well, thanks for the previous replies. I needn't have worried about the muffed Uzbeks being able to mate successfully after all, as both of the pair have turned out to be hens. They've mated with Roller cocks, and one of them raised 2 youngsters successfully a few months ago. (One of the youngsters has lightly-feathered feet, the other is clean-legged). The other Uzbek hen raised one youngster in April (a nice-looking buff-mottle colored one that has muffed feet like its mother) and is now setting on eggs again.
  2. I raised mixed-breed pigeons for over 35 years, but had to give them away 10 years ago, as the city where I live unfortunately passed a restriction on pigeon-keeping. Recently I received permission to keep a few pigeons at the small local zoo. So I purchased 2 young Uzbek Tumblers from one breeder, which I'm hoping will turn out to be a pair. And I purchased 2 young Birmingham Rollers from another breeder, also hoping that they'll turn out to be a pair. Unfortunately, I cannot let them fly outside, but the pen that they're in is very spacious. The Uzbek Tumblers have large muffs. They are the first muffed pigeons I've ever owned. They can fly quite well, and have no trouble flying up to a crossbeam on the top of the pen, where they roost, along with the 2 rollers. I'm wondering, though, will they be able to successfully mate, with large muffs ? The breeder that I got them from says that his have no trouble mating. He said that there's no need to trim the muffs. Just wondering, has anyone else ever bred pigeons with muffed feet, and were they able to get it done alright ?
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