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Jan Huijbregt


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This will be some ones lucky day

This morning i had a visitor . In 1999 i let a good fancier have a few birds with the agreement that if any thing ever happened they would br returned to me. Well his brother informed me today of his passing away but in his loft book it was stated that these birds had to be returned.

Ive all my pairs settled and no room and sinc then i brought another strain in so i am offering them for sale.


Blue pied Cock 99D  

Sire NL 90 1131335 Direct Jan Huijbregt "Champion 335" winner of 18 prizes for Jan then sold to H Beverdam then brought by me




Dam NL 93 2853817 Direct Huiybregt From the foundation hen "17 Duif" when paired to "Broer 18" a full brother of "Champion 18"


Chec Hen 99D

Sire NL 94 2182144 A direct son of "Champiom 101" when paired to  daughter of the "Donkee 141" and the "Duif 16" (the no1 stock hen from the "17 Duif"


Dam NL 91 2618710 She is a inbred daughter of the "17 Duif" a fact only 2 bird were ever breed this way i brought the one of H Beverdam


From the loft book we have gathered that 2000-01 they produced 5 1st Prize winners but after that date the paper work went down as his health deteriated.


I will put these bird on the site for 1 week best offer

if not sold they will go in the Homing World



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